Glory unto thee….Oh! Mind!
I salute thy unmatched courage!

Natural calamities could spell doom in a flash
And yet daring you are to live on unperturbed
Without seeking the real solution
Which goes by the name '“liberation”

Violence may erupt at the blink of an eye
And yet daring you are to live on unperturbed
Without seeking the real solution
Which goes by the name “liberation”

Marathi Abhang

Marathi Abhang transliterated in English:

nAmAchA bajAr paNdarI nAmAchA bajAra

nAmachagEti nAmachadEti kOtiguLam uddhAra      (paNdari)
dAyIm dAyIm santhamiLAlE karitI jai jai kAra        (paNdari)
AshADa kArthika yAthrA barati vittalahA saradhAra (paNdari)
gOpALa pUrim kAlA hOyI lAypukyAnchAbatimAra   (paNdari)
bALakadAsA lAgali kOti tarilEm harichEm dwAra    (paNdari)

Our scriptures assert that each individual reaches the loka of the one whom he worships. One who worships the ancestors(pitrus) reaches the Pitru-loka. One who worships Lord Ganapathy reaches the realm of Lord Ganapathy. One who worships Lord Narayana reaches Sri Vaikunta and a Krishna-bhakta reaches Go-loka, the blissful abode of Sri Krishna that is greater than Sri Vaikunta. Where does the true disciple of the Sadguru go? Does he attain any of these lokas? Even if he does attain any state that he considers supreme, what would he do there? He would only seek the blissful shelter of the Holy Padukas of the Guru there. Just as Meerabai merged with Dwarakadeesha and Chaitanya Mahaprabhu dissolved in Lord Jagannath, the true Guru-bhakta too, merges inseparably in the Divine Padukas of the Sadguru Maharaj !

Sri Sri Swamiji

Independence Day Message -- Sri Sri Swamiji

India has always represented a wonderful blend of various faiths and beliefs. It has been, from time immemorial, home to innumerable cultures and traditions.  Our national flag seems to depict this message through a beautiful medley of colours, the green color that is associated with the Islamic faith, the pristine white, often signifying Christianity, and the saffron standing for the Hindu religion.

On this Independence day, let us pray to the Lord Almighty to bless all the brothers and sisters of our country transcending boundaries of caste, creed and religion, a happy, peaceful and prosperous life.

A beautiful kirtan by Sri Sri Swamiji that talks about the easiest path to liberation.

The Kirtan in Tamil, its transliteration in English and explanation in English are presented here. 

The Kirtan is set in the "Themmangu" raga

Kirtan in Tamil

குறுக்கு வழி தேடும் மாந்தர்களே (எதற்கும்)
குறுக்கு வழி தேடும் மாந்தர்களே !
இந்த குற்றால குறத்தி குறி சொல்வேனைய்யா!

காசு பணம் செலவழித்து நீ காத தூரம் போக வேண்டாம்
குருநாதன் பாத தீர்த்தம் கங்கையாம் புனித யமுனையாம்!

பாபத்திற்குப் பரிகாரம் என்று அங்கும் இங்கும் அலைய வேண்டாம்
குருநாதன் பார்வை பட்டபின்பு பாபம் என்றும் ஒன்றுள்ளதோ!

பக்தி வளர என்ன வழி என்று பரிதவிக்க வேண்டாமே
குருநாதன் அமுது செய்ததை உண்டால் பக்தி தானே வளருமே

முக்தி அடைய என்ன வழி என்று முட்டி மோத வேண்டாமே
குருநாதன் திருவடி தூளியில் அந்த முக்தி இருக்குதய்யா!

நான்கையும் கை கொள்வீரானால் உங்கள் பார்வை உள்ளே திரும்பிடுமே
உள்ளே உள்ளே போக போக எல்லை இல்லா ஆனந்தமே!

நல்ல பலனும் சொல்லிவிட்டேன் எனக்கு காசு பணமும் வேண்டாமே!
குருநாதனிடம் என் பொருட்டு ஒரு வார்த்தை சொல்வீரய்யா !

Marathi Abhang

Marathi Abhang transliterated in English:

guru mAtA guru pitA     |       guru amchi kula dEvata ||

gora patathAm sAnkatE|        guru rakshi mAgEm putE ||
kAyavAchA ANImana|           guru charaNIm arpaNa ||
EkA janArdhanim charaNA|    guru Eka janArdhana ||

Abhang Meaning

Guru is my father. Guru is my mother. Guru is my 'kula devata' (deity of my lineage).
When troubles approach, Guru stands in front and behind me protecting me always.

Offer your body, mind, intellect and speech to the feet of the Guru. 
Janardhana is verily the Guru of Eknath!

Sadguru Nath Maharaj ki Jai!

 On this Guru Poornima day, we start a  section about the great Mahans and Bhaktas in the glorious past.  We take one Saint at a time and make an earnest attempt to give a brief history and life of the great Saint. 

 The first in the series is "Bhagavan Nama Bodendra Saraswati  Swamigal". A great Mahan who had lived and still lives, spreading the fragrance of the Divine Name throughout the world.  Can there be a more apt Mahan to reminisce on this happy occasion?

 kAshAya danda karakAdi vibhUshitAngAm
vairAgyabhAgya jaladE karuNAnidhE tvam |
samsArakUpapatitasya samAkulasya
bodEndra dEva mama dEhi karAvalambam ||

yasyassmaraNa mAtrENa nAmabhaktiH prajAyatE |
tam namAmi yati srEshTam bOdEndram jagatAm gurum ||

bhagavan nAma sAmrAjya lakshmI sarvasva vigraham |
srimad bodEndra yogIndra dEshikEndram upAsmahE ||

 Sri Bhagavan Nama Bodendra Saraswati Swamigal

In this Kali Yuga, all the great saints who have incarnated in this holy ‘Bharata’ Desa have chiefly shown us one of the easiest paths to liberation – singing the Divine Names of God. The chief among them was the great saint from South India by the name Bhagavan Nama Bodendra Saraswati Swamigal.

"We speak of the Sanskrit language. If someone leads an undisciplined, life we say that he does not possess good ‘Samskaras’. 'Samskara' means cleansing. Sanskrit is thus a language that is pure; it needs no cleansing."

Sri Sri Swamiji

We read and hear about the countless great scholars from our country who have mastered our scriptures and plunged themselves in their essence. But what is even more amazing is the number of Westerners who have researched into our Vedas, scriptures and the Sanskrit language. This article details such research attempts and is based on references from several authentic sources including the journal Vaidika Dharma Vardhini.

Though there might have been few previous such attempts by Westerners, especially Europeans, to learn the Sanskrit language in the past, we can say that they evinced greater interest from the beginning of 17th century. There was a Dutch missionary named Abraham Roger who lived in Kerala. He authored a book titled “Open the door” and brought Sanskrit to the attention of the western world. This book made many realize the greatness of Sanskrit and kindled their interest to know more. Many Missionaries compiled dictionaries for European languages and Sanskrit. All these works enthused the West to master this beautiful ancient language and they began reading Sanskrit works with deep interest. This slowly had a snowballing effect and even to this day, focused research and study of Indian scriptures is underway in various centres all over the world. There are several journals in foreign languages that are dedicated to the study of Indian scriptures and Sanskrit and several reputed universities such as Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard that teach Sanskrit.

Worldly love has a bias to form
Eternal love of Mahans extends beyond
And communes with the Formless!

Worldly love has a bias of youth
Eternal love of Mahans extends beyond
And communes with the Ageless!

Worldly love has a bias of expectation and selfishness
Eternal love of Mahans extends beyond
And communes with the One loved by All!