A lesson for practical life from Ramayana

All of us know that Ramayana is about Sri Rama’s story wherein Kaikeyi asked for boons ordaining Rama to go to the forest, Sita humbly following Him, her falling in love with a deer, Ravana taking her away, Rama waging a war with Ravana and eventually getting Sita back.

 Beyond this, Ramayana is a great benefit to our everyday life too. How?  If we read Ramayana carefully, chapter by chapter, we can realize the import of the story in our daily life, as conveyed by the great Maharshi.


The first part of the epic talks about a prosperous Ayodhya.  The overflowing Sarayu river, the abundance of grains, the devoted king and the devoted subjects, the  affluence of the people – all these signifying a wealthy and prosperous land of Ayodhya is clearly depicted.

The Most Apt Avatar for the Age

 --His Holiness Sri Sri Swamiji

 Which is the one incarnation of God that can be considered the most apt Avatar for the Age?

 Let us consider all the avatars of the Almighty one by one in terms of their relevance to us, the mortals stuck in the sea of ignorance and yet aspiring for liberation.

 Even before we venture deeper into this discussion, I would like to firmly reiterate the fact that when we say that all are avatars of the Almighty we automatically admit that they are all great, relevant and significant in their own way. We bow down before all these great ones and the legacy that they have left behind. Our intention is not to compare one with another or hurt any individual sentiments. What we wish to convey is the relevance (or the lack of it!) of each avatar from the point of view of a commoner in this Kali yuga! Blessed are those few who have managed to rightly comprehend and tread the paths exactly as shown by those great ones! But what is the solution for the majority who are unable to understand the essence or the true intent of those great teachers? What is the most relevant avatar for them - one that is open to all? That is the standpoint from where we are about to view every avatar. Let us bear that in mind firmly and clearly as we move along.

Nectarine Droplets from Srimad Ramayana

 In Sri Swamiji's words, 'The water from the seas is salty and cannot quench thirst.  However, the same water is consumed by the clouds and given back to us as rain which is pure and pristine.  Similarly, scriptures should not be interpreted according to one's own whims and fancies.  It should be heard from the lips of Mahans who alone can sift through them and give us the best of the best ."

 In this context, Nama Dwaar presents to you Nectarine Droplets from the great epic Srimad Ramayana from the lips of Sri Sri Swamiji.

 In the Sundara Kandam in Srimad Valmiki Ramayana, Hanuman narrates the Ramayana from the beginning up to that point of time, to Sita Devi who is held captive by Ravana. Following this, Thrijada describes a dream where she says that she witnesses Sri Rama Pattabhishekam. Therefore, effectively, the entire Ramayana is covered in this one Kandam and that is the reason Thy doing parayana of the Sundara Kandam alone is considered equivalent to reading the whole text.

Glory unto thee….Oh! Mind!
I salute thy unmatched courage!

Natural calamities could spell doom in a flash
And yet daring you are to live on unperturbed
Without seeking the real solution
Which goes by the name '“liberation”

Violence may erupt at the blink of an eye
And yet daring you are to live on unperturbed
Without seeking the real solution
Which goes by the name “liberation”

Marathi Abhang

Marathi Abhang transliterated in English:

nAmAchA bajAr paNdarI nAmAchA bajAra

nAmachagEti nAmachadEti kOtiguLam uddhAra      (paNdari)
dAyIm dAyIm santhamiLAlE karitI jai jai kAra        (paNdari)
AshADa kArthika yAthrA barati vittalahA saradhAra (paNdari)
gOpALa pUrim kAlA hOyI lAypukyAnchAbatimAra   (paNdari)
bALakadAsA lAgali kOti tarilEm harichEm dwAra    (paNdari)

Our scriptures assert that each individual reaches the loka of the one whom he worships. One who worships the ancestors(pitrus) reaches the Pitru-loka. One who worships Lord Ganapathy reaches the realm of Lord Ganapathy. One who worships Lord Narayana reaches Sri Vaikunta and a Krishna-bhakta reaches Go-loka, the blissful abode of Sri Krishna that is greater than Sri Vaikunta. Where does the true disciple of the Sadguru go? Does he attain any of these lokas? Even if he does attain any state that he considers supreme, what would he do there? He would only seek the blissful shelter of the Holy Padukas of the Guru there. Just as Meerabai merged with Dwarakadeesha and Chaitanya Mahaprabhu dissolved in Lord Jagannath, the true Guru-bhakta too, merges inseparably in the Divine Padukas of the Sadguru Maharaj !

Sri Sri Swamiji

Independence Day Message -- Sri Sri Swamiji

India has always represented a wonderful blend of various faiths and beliefs. It has been, from time immemorial, home to innumerable cultures and traditions.  Our national flag seems to depict this message through a beautiful medley of colours, the green color that is associated with the Islamic faith, the pristine white, often signifying Christianity, and the saffron standing for the Hindu religion.

On this Independence day, let us pray to the Lord Almighty to bless all the brothers and sisters of our country transcending boundaries of caste, creed and religion, a happy, peaceful and prosperous life.

A beautiful kirtan by Sri Sri Swamiji that talks about the easiest path to liberation.

The Kirtan in Tamil, its transliteration in English and explanation in English are presented here. 

The Kirtan is set in the "Themmangu" raga

Kirtan in Tamil

குறுக்கு வழி தேடும் மாந்தர்களே (எதற்கும்)
குறுக்கு வழி தேடும் மாந்தர்களே !
இந்த குற்றால குறத்தி குறி சொல்வேனைய்யா!

காசு பணம் செலவழித்து நீ காத தூரம் போக வேண்டாம்
குருநாதன் பாத தீர்த்தம் கங்கையாம் புனித யமுனையாம்!

பாபத்திற்குப் பரிகாரம் என்று அங்கும் இங்கும் அலைய வேண்டாம்
குருநாதன் பார்வை பட்டபின்பு பாபம் என்றும் ஒன்றுள்ளதோ!

பக்தி வளர என்ன வழி என்று பரிதவிக்க வேண்டாமே
குருநாதன் அமுது செய்ததை உண்டால் பக்தி தானே வளருமே

முக்தி அடைய என்ன வழி என்று முட்டி மோத வேண்டாமே
குருநாதன் திருவடி தூளியில் அந்த முக்தி இருக்குதய்யா!

நான்கையும் கை கொள்வீரானால் உங்கள் பார்வை உள்ளே திரும்பிடுமே
உள்ளே உள்ளே போக போக எல்லை இல்லா ஆனந்தமே!

நல்ல பலனும் சொல்லிவிட்டேன் எனக்கு காசு பணமும் வேண்டாமே!
குருநாதனிடம் என் பொருட்டு ஒரு வார்த்தை சொல்வீரய்யா !

Marathi Abhang

Marathi Abhang transliterated in English:

guru mAtA guru pitA     |       guru amchi kula dEvata ||

gora patathAm sAnkatE|        guru rakshi mAgEm putE ||
kAyavAchA ANImana|           guru charaNIm arpaNa ||
EkA janArdhanim charaNA|    guru Eka janArdhana ||

Abhang Meaning

Guru is my father. Guru is my mother. Guru is my 'kula devata' (deity of my lineage).
When troubles approach, Guru stands in front and behind me protecting me always.

Offer your body, mind, intellect and speech to the feet of the Guru. 
Janardhana is verily the Guru of Eknath!

Sadguru Nath Maharaj ki Jai!