The following is the emotion filled benedictory address by Sri Sri Swamiji at our Mathurapuri Ashram on the Republic day:

“I wish everyone was taught how India attained independence rather than being told when she attained her independence. Today, the Department of History enjoys very little status for the very reason that all desire to pursue only that study which would land them in gainful employment.

Just as one earns Bhakti by reading the life histories of great devotees like Mira, Aazhwars, Nayanmars, so too, does one earn love for the Nation and realize the value of independence only by reading the history of our Nation wherein we find the struggle, the torture undergone by our forefathers in the Andaman prison cells for gaining the freedom for India.

While looking at the ‘self-centered’ who provoke the feelings of the people (to fight each other in the name of religion, language, state, etc.) to meet their own selfish needs one is roused to anger and feels emboldened to fight them.

‘Oh, My sweet Mother India! I shed tears whenever I think of the sufferings that you underwent. You are like Draupadi who was dishonored in spite of having Krishna by her side and married to the mighty Pandavas; the incarnations of innumerable gods on this soil, births of innumerable Mahans, the several Holy Rivers that run across this country, the existence of Mokshapuris, countless philosophies and countless Holy Places in this country seem to be in vain while looking at innumerable sufferings that you have undergone.

The lullaby song sung for Alexander as a baby in the cradle was, “Loot India!”
Oh, how many have followed his footsteps and looted you. How many have enslaved you! Well! On the other hand I wonder at your power to hold yourself up in dignity in spite of innumerable invasions. Many disparage the several languages found here. It is not easy to create a single language of literary worth and it was only due to the presence of many intellects that so many languages have been born here; and, for the very same reason many philosophies and ways of worship have also come about.

Oh, Mother India! My only prayer to you is – Rise up with the support of your spiritual power! While blessing the Indians with high intellect why have you made them spineless? Through devotion, worship and love bring them together who now stand divided in the name of religion, caste and language. You should lead the whole world.

Let a new India sans violence and selfishness but at the same time devoid of lethargy and cowardice be born. Let us all, with this in view, take the Name of the Lord and chant the Maha Mantra; make all chant the Maha Mantra. Fill India to the brim with Naama Kirtan. Let Her offer to the world the spiritual bliss that she has found. Let us stand unique by combining any flawless modern way with the ancient one.

Innumerable Mahans like Sri Aurobindo, Sri Rama Teertha, Sri Jnanananda, Kanchi Mahaperiyava Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Swami, Bhagavan Yogi Ramsuratkumar have declared that India would very soon be the torchbearer of the world and Ram Rajya would be born again. Ram Rajya is verily where Truth, purity, Righteousness and love prevails. Quite often Yogi Ramsuratkumar used to say, ‘Ram Rajya is not very far.’

 What does the term ‘not very far’ really mean? How far is it really? This is verily in our hands. Ram Rajya would get closer and closer as we perform Nama Sankirtan and help others also to do it."