Sri Sri Swamiji talks about His divine experiences.  These are being narrated here by Dr. Bhagyanathan of our satsang.

 Long ago, it was the days when the world did not know Sri Sri Swamiji. In those days Sri Swamiji had not begun giving public talks. Once, He was traveling by train. Sri Sri Swamiji was returning from Kumbakonam and among His co-passengers were this fine couple from Chromepet, Chennai.

 As it always happens in Sri Sri Swamiji's presence, the conversation mostly centered round Srimad Bhagavatam and Bhagavan Sri Krishna. The couple at some point, amazed by Sri Sri Swamiji's wonderful expounding of Srimad Bhagavatam, requested Him to discourse in their residence in Chrompet. Sri Sri Swamiji accepted it as Sri Krishna's will.

So Srimad Bhagavatam was arranged at their home. In the course of the discourse, Sri Sri Swamiji decided to skip the Varaha Avatar, as He felt that those stories described about the details of 'yagna' and would not interest the audience much. So He decided that he will focus mainly on Charitras like Dhruva Charitra, Prahlada Charitra and Ajamila Charitra as they would inspire the listeners.
That night, while asleep, Varaha Murthy appeared before Sri Sri Swamiji in the most gracious form. Sri Sri Swamiji later remarked it as an indescribable and vivid divine experience. Varaha Murthy sported a beautiful jasmine garland on the neck and questioned Sri Sri Swamiji as to why He would not speak about His Charitra and wanted Sri Sri Swamiji to speak about it.

Sometime later, Sri Sri Swamiji happened to visit Srimushnam in Tamil Nadu, which is a Varaha Kshetra. The most wonderful surprise awaited Sri Sri Swamiji, when He saw that the Varaha Murthy deity in the temple was wearing a jasmine garland which looked exactly similar to the one that He saw in His vision a while ago. Sri Sri Swamiji was choked and moved. He questioned the Lord, 'Are you the one who graced me the other night?'

 Just as that thought flashed in Sri Sri Swamiji's mind, the jasmine garland fell down as if the Lord Himself nodded in affirmation, ratifying His desire!

  Note: The extract given above is not a figment of imagination. These are intense spiritual experiences, which His Holiness has condescended to reveal. Such spiritual experiences cannot be possibly appreciated unless the reader either believes in such spiritual experiences or he/she himself has had a taste of similar experiences.