It was the pleasant morning of October 23, 2006.

Venue: Mathurapuri Ashram.

It was a special day and a lot of devotees had gathered there. Yes it was the Jayanthi day of our Guru Maharaj.  In the center of the hall was placed a Krishna idol and a few devotees were going around the idol chanting the Maha Mantra enthusiastically.

As Sri Sri Swamiji was performing pooja to the divine couple, Sri Sri Swamiji suddenly experienced two divine forms emerging out of Him, and traveling out towards the center of the hall.

 Sri Sri Swamiji said that the radiance and effulgence of the two Maha Purushas was just indescribable.  These Maha Purushas merged with the devotees who were performing Nama Kirtan around Sri Krishna's idol.

Since then, it has been a strong desire for Sri Sri Swamiji to continuously perform Akhanda Maha Mantra Kirtan in the Ashram premises at least 8 hours everyday. 

The first such Nama Saptaham was performed between November 8th and November 15th.  Since then, Akhanda Maha Mantra Kirtan is being performed every day in Bhagavata Bhavanam Hall of the Ashram.

Sri Sri Swamiji says that His prayers to the Lord is just one -- that the Lord give Him the 'ruchi' in Maha Mantra alone!

Let us also pray to the Almighty to give us 'ruchi' in Maha Mantra and make us chant the Divine Name incessantly.

 Note:  The extract given above is not a figment of imagination. These are intense spiritual experiences, which His Holiness has condescended to reveal. Such spiritual experiences cannot be possibly appreciated unless the reader either believes in such spiritual experiences or he/she himself has had a taste of similar experiences.