'Premika Varadan's Displeasure'

Sri Sri Swamiji talks about His divine experiences.  These are being narrated here by Dr. Bhagyanathan of our satsang.

   Madhuri Sakhi Sametha Sri Premika VaradanWe rear a few cows and bulls in our ‘Go-shala’ (cow-shed) in the Mathurapuri Ashram precincts.  As there were quite a few calves, Sridharji, who is the caretaker of the Ashram, decided to give one of the bulls to our Ashram gardener Venkatesan.  Thus, one evening, Venkatesan drove home the bullock.

That day, Bhagavan Sri Krishna, in the form of Sri Sri Swamiji’s Puja Murti,  Premika Varadan, appeared in His Bhaava.  Sri Sri Swamiji narrated this vivid scene – “For some reason, He seemed very unhappy.  When I asked him for the reason,  He said, He was missing one of the bulls from his herd, which he grazed everyday!”





Any amount of Sri Swamiji’s convincing did not please our Premika Varadan.  Finally, that bull was retrieved from Venkatesan and put back into the ‘go-shala’.  Only then could Sri Sri Swamiji see the happiness on Premika Varadan’s face!

 Madhuri Sakhi Sametha Sri Premika Varadan

It is indeed just amazing to see, how the Lord is always with us and notices every action of ours!

  Note:  The extract given above is not a figment of imagination. These are intense spiritual experiences, which His Holiness has condescended to reveal. Such spiritual experiences cannot be possibly appreciated unless the reader either believes in such spiritual experiences or he/she himself has had a taste of similar experiences.