I had a blissful dream. I saw myself climbing atop a beautiful hill. When I went up, I realised I was at the holy kshetra of Tirupati. I could see the tranquil Swami Pushkarini theertha. I saw the magnificent Ananda Vimana glowing in all its splendor. I stood before the kulasekara step and had the Divine Darshan of the majestic Sri Venkatachala Perumal. As I was absorbed in Supreme Bliss, all of a sudden, the beautiful ornaments that The Lord was adorning, started falling down. Startled, without thinking for a moment, I crossed the kulasekara step and ran to embrace The Lord, as a reflex to hold the Divine Ornaments in place.

Many were baffled that I had the audacity to enter the sanctum and touch The Lord. Some said I was right and argued in my favour. A debate ensued. Finally it was decided that the intention behind my spontaneous reaction was noble, for which I had to be rewarded. They asked me what I would want as a reward. I told them I do not want anything material, I would only want to have His ekantha darshan (darshan in solitude) once a month. I would not trouble anyone, would just come quietly and go.

- A Devotee