His Divine Incarnation was at the Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu in Southern India. His unmatched respect and love for Vedas and other ancient scriptures of our Dharma made Him dedicate His life to ensure that every home was led to the path of Bhakti, and Nama (the Divine Name of God) sweetened every tongue. Sri Swamiji lays utmost stress on the significance of Nama Kirtan (Chanting the Divine names of God) as the easiest & the most practical path to liberation in this age.

Rather than having expectations, it is always good to accept whatever comes.

When we know the cause of a person’s anger, we can pacify him. Likewise, to pacify God, all that is required of us is Mahamantra Kirtan.

As long as there is attachment to the body, even if a person thinks that he is in solitude, he is not.



Facts and Figures about Sanatana Dharma, Saints and Sages


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On this auspicious day, Namadwaar is excited to start a series of articles - "Weekly Blossoms" - that will blossom on our website every week!

Sri Swamiji's messages on spirituality are always practical, clear and simple, easy enough for anyone to read, follow and practice. The blossoms that shall flower every week, shall carry the sweet scent of Sri Swamiji's message, for all of us to enjoy, relish and assimilate.

Our saints have given us, through their compositions, a wealth of knowledge on topics from precepts for balanced worldly living to the means to attain the Supreme Truth. A section that presents to you practical stories that bring out the beauty and greatness of such compositions. - 'Suno! Suno! Sadhuji!'

Sri Sri Swamiji expounded the Bhagavata Mahapurana for seven days in March 2008 at Guruvayoor. Innumerable bhavas sprung forth during His discourses. Nama Dwaar shares with its readers a few of these...

In this section we attempt to give a brief history of Saints and Mahans. The articles talk about the heights of their devotion to Lord and highlight the interesting incidents that happened in their lives, every time showing that the Lord is ever present by their side.

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