Everyone in this world is unique by virtue of his/her mental faculties and emotional quotients. Some people are more emotional than others. In such a scenario, these incidents arise when you hear about / see the deities. However you should ignore them by not attaching much value to them and continue to chant the Maha Mantra. In due course of time, you will be just fine.

The actual essence of Bhagavat Gita is surrender. – Surrender unto the Lord and be a mere instrument in His hands – that is what Bhagavat Gita conveys to us.

The easiest way to surrender is to chant the Mahamantra. Continuously chant the Mahamantra and eventually, you will attain the state of surrender. You will also see that while you chant the Mahamantra, you will slowly get rid of your negative qualities like short temper and your concentration, optimistic attitude and positive mentality will improve.

When ever you are helping someone, remind yourself that Krishna is only helping them and that you are only an instrument and nothing more. Pray to Krishna that you should not be affected by the outcome of the help.

Try to see Krishna in them and in everybody

Accept all the happenings around you as His divine plays

Put yourself in the other person’s shoes and think how you would act.

Act with wisdom/discrimination (‘viveka’) always

Whenever you are emotional, refrain from taking any critical decisions. Allow yourself to calm down before taking any decision.

Whenever you take decisions, ensure that the decision is driven by the brain and not by the heart. If the later comes into play, it ends up in a mess.

Control your emotions through asanas and simple breathing exercises

Be cheerful always and always remember that the sky is your limit. Small incidents in your day to day life should not affect your cheerfulness.