Begging is the birth right of every indian. And it is our tradition also. Lot of great saints and true sathaks lived only by alms. 
The above message was conveyed by Bhagwan yogi ramsuratkumar many times.
Papa Ramadoss travelled all over India chanting Ram nam only by taking alms. Like that Bhagwan yogi ramsuratkumar also. 
Our shastras emphasizes the brahmachari as well as the Sanyasi should live only by taking alms.
Lot of Muslim fakirs used to live only by taking alms. Keeping all this in mind our Sri Swamiji requested Sivakasi Yogi ramsuratkumar bhakthas to celebrate Yogi's 100th Jayanthi on 22nd March 2018.
100 beggars will  be blessed with clothes, vessels, ₹100 and with due respect will be offered chandanam and kumkum. The function scheduled for March 22nd, 9 am.will culminate with a grand lunch.