CT.Shiva, Karaikudi

I heard about Swamiji & Namakirtan during last week of September, 2009. I prayed to the Divine through Namakirtan for recovery from my GERD Syndrome/Acid Reflux. I also registered for a prayer request in www.goddivinity.au website.

Fortunately, I had an oppurtunity to participate in the Satsang given by Swamiji at my native place, Karaikudi on 1st October 2009 at end of the satsang, I neared Swamiji & told Him about my sufferings & He blessed me saying in tamil 'sariyayidum' (It will get cured). From that day onwards, I am slowly recovering from the disease in my body. Thanks to Swamiji, Namakirtan & the devotees who spread Swamiji's message to the World.

Ganesan, Chennai

During the months of august, September and October we were facing acute water shortage. our well which was yielding water for the past 20 years literally got dried. We had even deepened our well for three feet. But that was of temporary solution only. We were able to manage for only one month. Everyday we were literally struggling for water. Then we came to know about Nama kirtan and we requested to pray for solving our water problem. Come November rains came and we are jubilant that our well water has touched the ground level and we are optimistic that there will not be any more water problem for us. We do chant this powerful mantra and my heartfelt thanks for having solved our water problem.

hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare, hare krishna hare krishna, krishna krishna hare hare.

Sangeetha, Chennai

We had bought a Garuda idol to be installed in our village temple. It had been well past 1 1/2 years. We did not have funds. One fine day we decided to pool money and install it on Dec. From all the sources and whomever we asked gave us money. We collected 100% more than what was needed.

I had written to Guruji just 2 months before installation about Garuda; the installation happened very smoothly.

Writing to Guruji has its own effects which will be realized effortlessly.

R.Vaishnavi, Kodungaiyur, Chennai
All those questions which I have prepared came in the examination. This is simply true. I request all the students to chant Mahamantra and score good marks.

Maharajan, Tirunelveli

In my computer daily morning I play namakirtan song.I also sing ot..I passed all the papers in my semester exam I also cleared my arrears..Thank you..Swamiji..
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare..
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Hare Hare..
It's the most powerful in this world...

Parameswaran H, Chennai

My wife had some complications during her pregnancy and I requested Poojya Swamiji for prayers and blessings for safe delivery of the Child through Namadwaar.org.  His advice was to chant the Holy Nama and he assured everything will be safe.

Every night I used to Chant the holy name and whisper to the child on the womb. In spite of several problems during pregnancy my wife delivered a healthy male baby and now both are fine. A million thanks to Swamiji and the holy Nama.  His existence is a true testimony to the power of Nama and Swamiji's blessings.

- Parameswaran

Shakila, California, USA

For longer years, I have found myself suffering in depressive thoughts. Whenever I get those kinds of thoughts, I cannot control my shouting as thinking that i am living in that event which made me so mad. Day by day it seemed it is getting worsen than any better. My kids suffered due to it and started to imitate like me which made me more worsen.

I got a good chance to note the Namadwaar site through a group mail called Dil Se Desi Group, in that I read Mr. Ravishankar.G's mails thats Hare Krishna Morning Message. I was feeling good to read it, and through that mail I noticed the Namadwaar site and read the Anubhava Column and Requested a Prayer for my problem.

After 20 days when I totally lost hope of getting an answer, I checked my mail and was so excited to see answer for my prayer request that too from Swamiji.

My happiness got no bounds, he said he will perform NAMAKIRTAN for me and adviced me to chant MAHA MANTRA and adviced me to indulge in good habit in which I am interested.

Since then I chanted  MAHA MANTRA, whenever I remembered and that too for a short time only.  I used to forget to continue,  since I have other responsibilities as I have three kids with less age gap between them.

After my vaccation now I can see and enjoy a big change , which I thought it would never happen in my life.
The depression seems came down a lot and I got a good control over my emotions and the person who caused me  depression has changed for better amazingly and nowadays I am feeling like I am loved.

Thank you for Mr.Ravishankar who made me to get introduced to Swamiji and to get known about the Chanting of Mahamantra and the benefits of it.

I am always thankful to Swamiji, and also I will try myself the best to chant the Divine Names of God -  the  MAHA MANTRA continueously.
I would like to  share this devine experience on this special day of Swamiji's Jayanthi day Oct, 19th.


Radhe Radhe,

On this sacred occasion I would like to submit this poem at the Holy Feet of Sri Sri Swamiji.

Radhe Radhe!

With my namaskarams,
Nithya, Boston, USA

An Abode of Nectarine Compassion

I stood at the altar holding the portrait of Guru Maharaj in smile
A picture of Him fondly caressing and talking to a child

'Sarva soundarya sangraham' sayeth Sri Rudra about the loving Krishna
Such 'beauty unparalleled' to me is only my beloved Gurudeva

As my eyes stay transfixed on His Divine countenance

A deep sense of anguish, unworthiness what do i call
a sense of remorse, yes a feeling of regret, that is it all

Here  am I, an integral part of this mad dog race
from dawn to dusk knowing not what I chase

yet my guru looks beyond my flaws
drenching me in His infinite grace - He needs no reason, no laws

The song 'Karana Rahitha Krupanidhi' speaks volumes of my latent feelings
And to hear Guruji singing the same tugs at my heartstrings.

I am  a dust particle in the merciless stormy world
But OH, My guru's protective arms shield me from being hurled.

Firmly and slowly He takes me within His fold
Warmly wrapped up in a shawl embroidered in gold

He fills the air I breathe with His divine fragrance
Shunting away all evil indulgence

Gradually he moulds me driving all my weaker senses to permanent rest
leading me along the path of Bhagavatha Dharma, that is the best.

'Boori Karunaya' sings Gajendra referring to the Lord in adoration
Such superlative degree would only suit My Guru - an abode of Nectarine Compassion.

V.G.Subramanian Iyer, Michigan USA

I am a student and I had requested prayers to help me pass my examination. I received a reply in a week saying that Swamiji has prayed for me and that I would surely succeed in my exam. I also chanted the Mahamantra Japam daily and appeared for the exam putting the burden on God. the results came out today and I am happy to say that I have passed the exam. I strongly believe that Swamiji's blessings and my chanting of the Mahamanthra Japam has contributed to my success.

One interesting happening will substantiate this -  half an hour before the exam my friend explained a problem which I did not know how to solve and that same problem appeared in the exam. The question paper had a total of 3 problems and if my friend had not explained it to me I would not have passed. I strongly believe that Swamiji was looking after me and ensuring that I clear the exam. My heartfelt gratitude and my sharanagati to Swamiji. I will continue chanting the Mahamantra and try for eternal bliss.

-Subramania Iyer, USA.

Savitha Neela,
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

I requested for a prayer for recovery of my mother’s health and  I got mail from Nama Dwaar to chant the mantra morning and evening.  My mother’s health is showing good improvement. Thanks to all the souls who prayed for my mother’s health.

Savitha Neela,
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu