Sri Ganapathy Subramanian, a retired teacher from a place called Vathirairuppu in Virudhunagar District.  Their town did not have rains for a long time.  He went to Madhurapuri Ashram on the 10th of April 2010 and had Sri Sri Swamiji’s darshan, praying for rains.

Sri Sri Swamiji went into meditation for a few moments and asked him to come back on the next Ekadasi day, the 25th  instant.   On the 25th, the devotee had sent his family to Madhurapuri Ashram. Looking at his daughter, Sri Sri Swamiji asked why her father did not come.  ‘He has been having a hard time running from farm to farm as there were no rains’, said his daughter.  Immediately, Sri Sri Swamiji called a disciple of his and asked for an Akhanda Mahamantra Sankirtan to be arranged for 3 days from 28th to the 30th.  

Accordingly, Sri R. Murali of our Satsang, arrived at Vathirairuppu on the 28th and at about 6 am, the Akhanda Mahamantra Kirtan started.   That very evening, it started drizzling lightly.  The Akhanda Nama continued at 6 am on Thursday, the 29th.  That night too, there were rains.  

On the concluding day as per Sri Sri Swamiji’s ordinance, a Nagara Sankirtan was organized as a culmination of the Akhanda Nama Sankirtan in which more than 60 devotees participated.  As the whole town was being drenched in the blissful Mahamantra, can rain stay far away?  Suddenly, dark clouds came from nowhere and it started to pour heavily.

The hearts of all the residents were drenched in a downpour of grace as was the entire town, with copious rain, thanks to Mahamantra.

In Srimad Ramayana a story goes thus...

There was no rains in the kingdom of Anga.  The king, Romapada was extremely concerned for the welfare of his subjects and was determined to bring rain to the region.  Learned scholars suggested that if the sage Rishyasringa came and lived in their country, by mere virtue of the purity, austerity and penance of the sage, it would rain.  The story goes that Romapada brought in Rishyasringa to live in his country and thus brought rain to his kingdom…

Even today, numerous cities are starved for rains. However, do we have a Rishyasringa amongst us?

Of course, we do!  It is verily Mahamantra done as an Akhanda Sankirtan!

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Gudiyatham is a town on the Bangalore-Chennai highway, and it borders Andhrapradesh.  Numerous devotees here not only chant the Mahamantra every day, but are actively involved in spreading it to others as well.  

The town did not have rains for a long time.  Sri Sri Swamiji ordained them to perform Akhanda Mahamantra Kirtan for two days. Accordingly arrangements were made for the Akhanda Nama Sankirtan  on April 1st and 2nd.  More than 300 devotees participated in the event, which was organized by Sri KME Manickam, Sri KM Bhupathi and Sri RK Ekambaram.  

Subsequently, an Akhanda Nama Sankirtan from 6 am to 6 pm was performed on 8th April, commemorating the Mukkundram Kali Temple festival.  

Indeed, the rain gods were pleased, for they were bathed in the potion of Mahamantra Kirtan and hence in turn, in less than 10 days, drenched the residents of Gudiyatham with copious rains.


Radhe Radhe

I had lost everything that I had earned, family and wealth.  It was very painful…That was when Sri Swamiji and the Mahamantra entered my life. I chanted the Mahamantra along with the other mantras. A few days ago, I had a wonderful experience while watching Swamiji’s DVD. After Sri Swamiji’s discourse, he chanted the Mahamantra. I too sang along. Just as I was engrossed in the chanting, I started tearing profusely not knowing why. I sobbed uncontrollably…I felt something being unleashed. I felt so light and my mind was so clear.

The next day, I participated in Sri Lalitha Sahasranamam Kungumam arachanai in the temple that I have been doing weekly for almost a year. During the chanting, for the first time, I decided to chant the Mahamantra continuously. I was engrossed in the chanting seeking for the blessings and guidance of Ambal and that was when I found a gold amulet (thayethe) in my kungumam tray!!! I was speechless. I had tears of joy….I knew miracles happens but after chanting the Mahamantra I myself had experienced it. By the Grace of Sri Swamiji, I hope more will benefit from the Nama....

Jai Gurunath !


Shegari Kunjamboo, Selangor, Malaysia

I was introduced to chanting Mahamatra by akka rajeswary. I use to have a lot disturbance and stress in my working environment, sometimes very upset for no reason. This is when akka told me to chant Nahamantra and gave book to write RAMA.

Every morning, I will write RAMA and chant mahamantra 11 times and then only will start working. Every now and then I will call akka, tell her that my day was very good after chanting Mahamantra. Also will join her for Gurupoojai on thursday in her house,  a very special day for me.

I would like to say this, I am a Hindu by birth, now that I'm married to a Christian, I go to church follow all christian festivals observe fasting for Easter, also not forgetting  all our Hindu festivals, eventhough I'm baptised will follow both festivals. Just that I don't have a altar to pray in the house. I believe as what our great Mahans said GOD is one.,  it is how one perceive and accept it. Once again I should say this the MAHAMANTRA gives me piece of mind. Just waiting to get Sri Swamiji's blessings.  

Recently met Sri Swamiji's personal secretary Dr. Bhagya at akka house and got his blessings.

'Yatha Amrutasya sampraptaih
Yatha varsham anaudake...'

goes a verse in Ramayana where Valmiki draws comparisons to the limit of Dasharata’s happiness -  

He says - ‘as happy as if one got the divine nectar...’, ‘as happy as if one was able to savor water in a parched land’.

We could see such happiness in the faces and hearts of hundreds of people in a Bangalore suburb – their prayers were answered and their parched land received water in abundance!

After all, their prayers were powered by Mahamantra Kirtan!

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This happened in January of this year.
Narsapur is a place located about 30 km from Bangalore and in here is located an industry that goes by the name ‘Sumeru Agro Factory’.  Nama Sankirtan satsang was conducted here in January, when many of the employees enthusiastically participated and chanted the Mahamantra.

The satsang was reported here.  Above are some pictures of the satsang.

During the satsang, Sri Sankaranarayananji who led the satsang, in addition to sharing many things about Nama, had also suggested to the employees and to those gathered to at least take it up as a challenge and try to chant just mechanically to see how things materialize, in case they initially lack the belief or the devotion.

On February 1st, the proprietor of the industry called Sri Sankaranarayananji about a miracle he experienced --

The entire surrounding village was facing a huge water shortage for a long time now, and was wondering what to do about it.   There had been several attempts to find water in the area - plenty of bores explored, some have even tried as deep as 2000ft. below, but none could find a droplet of water.

He then remembered the statement made in the satsang and thought, ‘why not try?’ - To simply try this as a challenge to Namasankirtan and see what happens. Before digging the bore-well, He gathered some of the villagers and few others and had a namasankirtan session at a particular spot. He then arranged for a bore-well to be explored at the same spot and rest as it happened, voila! The water table found just about 400 feet below. The proprietor was shell shocked and elated and so were the villagers to find that this indeed worked!

Today, the proprietor plays the Nama CD in our Swamiji's sweet voice every single morning before the factory begins the day's work!

Ananda Janaki, Chennai

Namaskarams to Sri Swamiji,
We had sent a mail to Nawadwaar to pray for Buying a own house a year back. We were trying to by a house for us for nearly 15 years! Due to some reason or the other it never materialised.  Even after sending a prayer request to namadwaa, we chanted the Mahamantra with prayers to own a house.  After that somehow we left those prayers also!  And we did not make any attempt to get a house.(Probably because we thought we have tried for 15 years and we did not get it..and there is no way we will get it any more).

You will not believe (nor do we!) that within months we now own a house that too at the lowest of rates imaginable, that too we did not make any attempts it simply came to us!  - purely due to Sri Swamiji's grace and purely through divine intervention.  Notable point is we did not go through any kind of hassles which we see other people are undergoing to search for a house or to get loan sanctioned  etc.  

And Now we have shifted to our new house.I think this is only possible because of namadwaar's prayer and Swamiji's grace.

Thanks to Namadwaar and Anatha kodi namaskarams to Sri Swamiji.

Ananda Janaki

Gurvareddy Induri, Australia

Dear Sri Pujya Guruji,
Namaste.  Guruji - Your blessings and Namadwaar prayers and oru chanting of the Mahamantra did secure admission to our daughter in medicine which was a complex process of an entrance test, interview and HSC marks.

Many thanks to Guruji for His blessings.


Theeban Mohan, Selangor, Malaysia

Today I\'m chanting mahamantra every morning and evening without fail, Mahamantra very vital to me as food is to stomach.  I owe this to my Periamma (Rajeswary), when she told to chant I took it very easy, but later the power of chanting changed my entire routine of life, I do well in exam,  I know nama kirtan will take me to the greatest aspects of Life. We all owe this to
our supreme Swamiji H H Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji. Thank you guruji.

Divya Ravindran, Selangor, Malaysia

My name is Divya, I came to know Nama Kirtan through aunty Rajeswary,  during my exam time, I used to be very stressed, then aunty told me to chant to get relieve and calm, I must admit it did wonders to me, I also write Nama, so far finished writing one book. My exam results are better than before. Mahamantra is key word in my chanting.  Recently Dr. A. Bhagya, visited Malaysia to officiate GOD namadwaar satsangh in Malaysia, got to see him to get his darshan.  I feel something very nice in me.  Whenever I have time, I will visit the centre in my place.

Divya Ravindran

Sasikala Ravivenkatesan, Chennai

3 weeks back I received a mail saying that a person's nephew aged 14 years was missing for the past one week. He was worried.

I told him about Namadwaar and I prayed to Guruji and during 'maha mantra' chanting I prayed for the kid. Last Saturday, I called him to find ourt whether the boy has been found out, he replied in the negative.

Since it was a month old, I had lost hopes.

Today evening, he has sent a sms saying that the  boy has been found out .

Thanks to guruji for the blessings!


Mrs.Sasikala Ravivenkatesan