Venkatasubramanian J, Thane

This is a true experience of Mahamatra japam done for me by my sister bhuvaneswari. On 13 th of august myself, my wife and son had to leave at 10:00 Pm for airport to catch a early morning flight for Nairobi. At 8:30 we found that my passport was missing in my house, rather misplace inside house but no track of where it was. My wife and sons passport was in cupoboard. adter searching for 30min, in vain and the ful house topsy turvy, in tension i was just praying to paramachaaryaal, whatever your wish let it be there and my 3rd sister chanted mahamantra, which she has found that many things are  happening positive for her, By swamijis grace and power of mahamantra, within her chanting of 12 times of the mahamantra the passport was found in one of cupboards just below some papers.Our family expresses our thanks to Swamiji and Mahamantra. Koti Pranaams.

Venkatasubramanian J,

Srinivasa Raghavan, Chennai

I had completed my exams and it was my semester holidays.  I was afraid of passing a particular subject in my  semester examination as we got unexpected questions.  I had done as much as I knew and was afraid that I would fail.  I chanted the Mahamantra during the Semester holidays regularly, praying for a true miracle - a favourable result!

And indeed, I was in for the miracle.  I passed that subject with some
good marks! Truly this is because of Sri Swamiji’s blessings and Mahamantra.

I pray to Sri Swamiji  for Divine Blessings to do well in my future exams as well.

Epping, Australia

For a while I have been searching for a job and one of my friend suggested to arrange for the Nama Kirtan to be performed in my home. I did not take it seriously but my friend insisted I should try and feel its power. I decided to do it and the Nama answered my prayers within 2 weeks. It is an unforgettable experience and I owe the outcome to my friend (Giri in Canberra) and the Nama Kirtan team who came to my home and prayed for me and my family.


Geetha Padaki, MA, USA

Dear Swami ji,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for answering my prayers yesterday.  As I set foot in my spiritual journey, I have been bothered my numerous doubts and negative thoughts.  I brush it aside per your advice and keep doing what I set out to do.  My mind grabs on to negative comments or doubts that are sometimes self-raised or have been posted on the Internet.  This prevents me from getting Peace of Mind even during prayers.

I try to communicate via the various methods that are available to someone like me who lives abroad and do not have the association of Mahatmas the people in India are blessed with.  I try to use online questions, prayer requests, letters, chits and e-mails to reach out to my Gurus.  Recently, I had a question that was troubling me a lot. This is regarding whether the various Mahans and Sad gurus I have been praying to, act in unison.  I had written a few letters asking for an answer and confirmation.

I have been told that chanting, Japa, Meditation or Sat sang, when done even without complete faith will yield good results and eventually strengthen the faith.  I realized this yesterday when I lost my laptop on my way from work.  When I realized that it was missing, I felt helpless and could not get out of the train to look for it as the train had left the station.  It took me sometime to reach the next train station and get back to the bench where I had set it briefly before pulling out my pass.  The laptop was not there.  I called my husband and informed him of this but my cell phone battery died shortly after that.

I started chanting the Maha Mantra in mind and told myself that if I find the laptop it is because of Guru's grace and I must accept that my Gurus act in unison.  When I met the police officer at the train station, he told me that the only option I had was to file a lost report but it usually does not result in the recovery of lost good.  He told me 'Forget about the laptop; you are not going to get it back'.  My mind was blank and I returned back home intermittently chanting the Maha Mantra.

I reached the train station parking lot and plugged my phone in and called home and explained the situation to my husband.  He told me 'Your laptop is already here before you'.  Some one had found the back pack and saw a paper with my name on it inside and looked up my phone number in the phone book and contacted my home phone number.  He was not able to reach me but my mother-in-law who had answered the phone gave him our mobile phone numbers.  He contacted my husband who picked up the laptop on his way back from work.

As I write this, I believe that this is because of the power of the Maha Mantra.  I am glad I learnt a valuable lesson without any adverse impact. I am grateful for this.  I know that my inquisitive mind will continue to create doubts but I ask humbly for your advice, grace and blessings to minimize this and have complete, unshakeable faith in You and Lord Krishna.

Namaskaram at Your Holy Feet.


Geetha Padaki

Sasikala Ravivenkatesan

Radhe Radhe,
Yesterday was my nephew Sairam's birthday. So he wanted to go to Mahabalipuram beach. So my brother, sister-in-law and the child had been there.
Suddenly I received a call from my brother that he his car keys were missing. First place it was in the beach and second thing was it was in the night(around 9 pm). He had parked the car at a distance.
At house we chanted 'Mahamantra'. May be we would have chanted for 10-15 minutes. Then I called up my brother. When he was talking to me over phone, some one has come and given the car keys to him.
Kodanu kodi namaskaram to Guruji!

Radhe Krishna,
Mrs.Sasikala Ravivenkatesan

Prakash.R, Kodungaiyur

Radhe Krishna...
My Pranams and Namaskarams to the kamala charanam of Guruji. It is indeed my pleasure to share this beautiful experiance that nama kirtan gives to one and all. It Happened to me and I am sure this is bound to happen to one and all who keeps chanting nama sincerely and dedicatedly. The last weeks heat and humidity which prevailed in chennai had taken its toll on my Amma, Myself and family. I had requested my sister Vaishnavi to chant nama along with myself and pray that it rains and thereby all our sufferings come to an end.

We chanted nama after invoking guruji in our mind for an exact 22 times on 04.06.2010 night for want of rain. Believe us or not we dont know whether it rained anywhereelse in chennai that day, but it had rained in kodungaiyur on 05.06.2010 and as we prayed the morning was a very cool, pleasant and chill climate in the offing. It Indeed shows how prayers are powerful. And Prayers with sincere devotion and dedication are definetely bound to be more powerful. I request all the bhaktas to chant rama nama with full dedication and see how the nama magic changes their misseries and sorrows into happiness.

Sadgurunatha maharaj ki..... jai. Radhe krishna

Selvi, Chennai

One lady lost her golden ear-ring in her home. They searched the whole house for a long time but in vain. They informed this matter to me. I went there and chanted the mahamantra for half an hour and returned home. By the time I reached home I got a call from them that they have found the golden ear-rings. I felt very happy and satisfied.

Further they have started this nama in their house from yesterday(29/05/2010)

Ganesh Sundaram, Muscat

Dear Guruji,

My name is Ganesh. I am nephew of Mr. Ramaswamy from Thrisur, Kerala. Presently I am working in muscat. Last week one incident happened in my life which I would like to share with you. I was put as a cashier for two weeks in one branch. Due to my negligence or some other reason, at the end of the day I was having a short of RO.300/-. I was tensed and I was facing such a situation for the first time in my life. I called my mom and told her abt the matter. I chanted hare Rama Hare krishna whole night. I could not sleep at night properly. The next day as usaul I went to my office and started going thru all the vouchers and receipts of the previous day.Sudenly some thought came to my mind that I gave more money to one person. I through one of my colleague there contacted the customer. To my surprise I could find that I had only reeived only less mony from him and I made a recipt for Ro.300/- more. He returned me back the money.

The whole thing happened because of the power of chanting and the blessings of You and Lord Krishna.

I met Mr. Ramanujam, one of your shishyas. I attended his discourse . It was really excellent discourse and the examples and quotes which he is giving from Mahabhagavatham really interesting and touching.

Radhe Radhe

Anand Rajappan, one of the devotees in our Satsang, recently happened to travel to Switzerland on work.  He narrates below his experience, which goes to show the power of Nama and grace.....

Two incidents happened on the day of my travel from Chennai to Basel via Frankfurt.

One, There was a sudden commotion in the first flight that I was traveling from Chennai, just 1 hr before landing in Frankfurt. The cabin crew were looking for doctors onboard. There was a lady who had became unconscious suddenly. At first, I did not understand and was not concerned about what was happening. The lady was traveling alone, nobody knew why she become unconscious, there were 3 doctors in the flight who were trying to help and they were trying to search her hand baggage for any medical history, which did not seem to be present.

Suddenly the person sitting before me, went to the first aid place, where the lady was being treated, and for some reason I became interested to know about this incident and chanted Mahamantra for her recovery(in my mind). I am a diabetic, so I thought, her problem could be because of low sugar (I thought of sharing the blood testing instrument that I was carrying)  the crew told me that they have all the necessary equipments and first aid materials and I need not worry and asked me if I am doctor – which I am not!

It was a surprise to know that the person sitting in front of me, who went there, was also working in the same company that I am working (Cognizant) and ours is a very big organization with 70000+ employees, so knowing each other is not possible unless one tells or knows by some means. Many surprises were waiting – one the person knew that lady (as she was also part of our organization) and had met in the airport itself when she had informed him that her seating is at the end.  And he just thought of checking, if that was this lady from our organization. He was telling that he just knew her name and no medical history.  We spoke about the next action when the flight would land and what to do in this case of emergency, once at Frankfurt. Meanwhile the doctors found some medicine in her purse (later I came to know from the lady that she has this peculiar lung problem, it seems, for which she has to take some medication for lungs for 3 years and she is continuing and due to the time zone difference – did not taking the medicine on time and that had triggered the problem and there seems to be no solution until the person recovers herself – once unconscious the medicine would not work, it seems. By that time it was almost 45 mints and she was recovering and was responding to the doctors question. We were at peace.

When we landed (three of us discussed and came to know about each other, a bit). The person before me and this lady were traveling to US and had to catch the connecting flight in couple of hours and we departed with the relief that she is okay and can travel now.

This incident just points out the unknown power that is helping us: I could understand and appreciate this, as I was alone (no one knew that I am diabetic) if I were to become unconscious, it would have been a big trouble for the fellow passengers / crew to find out and provide correct medication (I generally carry a card that tells my medical history) – still, as in the case of this lady, to find it on right time (only through God's Grace) is more important or otherwise it could be even fatal, sometimes. So, this gives me the feeling that Swamiji is with us and is pleased, whenever or wherever we chat Mahamantra, sincerely.

This is not the end of my realization for the day, I had to deal with one more issue on the day of my landing at Switzerland.

I had safely landed in Basel, Switzerland – new country and new people (who speak German or French – in general public – and I knew only English) by early evening (it was a Sunday).

I was guided by my 'point of contact', from my organization, to take the freely available public transportation, which is quite common in this part of Europe. And the place to reach was just 30 minutes. I had to take two buses, one from airport to Basel SBB (train station) and from there to my hotel accommodation another bus. I had a trailing travel luggage, one shoulder bag and one company laptop. I had got down, from the first bus from the airport at Basel SBB and had taken the second bus. And then, I suddenly realized that I had left my company laptop in the bus itself (remember it is a public bus where people were coming-in and getting down in many number on that particular day) while getting down from that airport bus. I was helpless with the mistake that I had done and I started chanting Maha mantra to save me from this grave mistake that I had done.

Immediately, I got down from the second bus that I was traveling and took the next bus back to Basel SBB. When I had reached, I was not able to trace my bus in which I had left my laptop (it seems that the bus travels just between the airport and the Basel SBB) another bus from the same route came and stopped in few mints – and I asked the driver if he could help me contact the other bus driver. He told 'No, not possible!' and I asked if there was a way to complaint for lost goods for which he told me to get in touch with police or some other place. On Sunday the nearby police station was also closed and my telephone was not working as I was not having the international rooming, I had no one to help around, except Maha Mantra.

I went and searched if any police were around (and no one was seen and police station was closed). I went back to the same bus stop and saw a bus from the same route waiting there and the driver who came, this time, was more friendly and when I explained my situation and told him that it was at the first seat that I was sitting and if he can contact the other bus driver, and he spoke very friendly with me and asked me when did I miss it, I told him that it should be around 20 mints ago. He spoke to the other bus driver (exactly the one in which I had left my laptop) over the wireless network (the buses have GPS system, I believe, and they could speak from one bus to another) and he asked if he finds a laptop, for which he gave a positive reply, I was able to tell which brand and I had my name in laptop back. This new driver, gave me the bus details and told me to wait for 10 more minutes by which time it would come back to the same stop where I was standing.

Remember, by this time, the bus had actually went back to the airport (nearly 5 stops in between) and was returning back where anybody could have just lifted the laptop and gone away, as a throw away gift for him. And this second bus driver was helpful and he was able to speak to the correct bus on time and made sure that the laptop was in safe hands.

The bus came after 10 minutes and I went to the driver and showed him my passport and thanked him for giving me the laptop back.

And in my mind, I knew that, it was by the grace of our Swamiji and the power of Mahamantra that, things turned so easy, I was saved from all the troubles of visiting the police stations or to follow any complex formalities to get the laptop back.

I had peace of mind that I am having this precious company – Mahamantra, where no one can help or no one is around to help, Mahamantra is definitely with us.

So, with all these experiences in one day – I had landed in a new land where I knew my only company to be the unfailing Mahamantra and the Grace of our Muralidhara Swamiji.

Thanks & Regards,
Anand Rajappan

Sreesudhan, Bloomington, IL, USA
I belong to Tuticorin kendra. I am currently studying MS in US. I was trying for a job for last 3 months and had few interviews last month. Nothing turned fruitful.

I was worried and depressed. As per my dad's suggestion, I chanted nama everyday. Everything turned upside down within a week. I got interview call last week, gave interview last friday and I got job 2 days back. I am really and I whole heartedly thank Guruji for blessing me with a job.