M. Gomathy, Virudhunagar

Our family hails from Thoothukkudi.  At present we live at Virudunagar. Once, the house of one of our relatives at Thoothukkudi was about to be seized by the court. My husband and I, taking pity on him, decided to help him out and gave him 10 sovereign worth of jewels and 1 ½ lacs in cash, in good faith, without any documentary evidence. The man and his sons promised to return the jewels and cash at the earliest. A friend of this family happened to be present there when we lent our jewels and cash to this family. He was the only witness to this; a few days later this man went abroad with his son.

After a time we contacted the family for the return of the jewels and cash lent to them. But they showed no sign of returning them. Our repeated efforts to get what was due to us went in vain. And, to our utter shock the head of the family to whom we had actually handed the jewels and cash died. The sons were very harsh when we approached them. They snapped, “Ask the man to whom you had lent the jewels and cash. Do you have any documentary evidence to your claim? Come to us only if you have that.”
We did not give up. Time and again we would visit them and demand what they owed us only to be thrown out with abuses. Fifteen years passed in this manner. We did not get back our jewels and cash.

One day, we learnt from a resident of Thoothukkudi that this family had decided to sell their house. We were advised to demand back what was due to us. When we contacted them, they not only denied having taken anything from us but also labeled us liars! People in the neighborhood also supported this family’s demand to show some documentary evidence to our claim. But we had none! We had been chanting the Mahamantra in the Rama Temple at Virudunagar. We also conducted regular weekly bhajans on Monday in our home. We, therefore, said to them, “We chant the Mahamantra in the Rama Temple at our place and also conduct bhajans every Monday at home. If our Rama nama bhajan is powerful, Sri Rama and Haunman themselves will turn out to be our witness.” On hearing this all the people laughed at us. They said that I had lost my sense of balance. They remarked sarcastically, “Oh, will your Rama and Hanuman take a bus or a train and come to Thoothukkudi to give evidence?” Touched to the core, I said, “They will come on my behalf. This is certain!” and I walked out.
I returned to Virudunagar.

It was the second Saturday in the Tamizh month of Purattasi. I lit a lamp in the Rama Temple and chanting Rama Nama went around the main sanctum sanctorum in circumambulation. I saw an elderly man also going around in circumambulation of the sanctum sanctorum. As I sat down, this gentleman came and sat beside me. He asked me, “Do you recognize me? Aren’t you from Thoothukkudi?”  
At once I recognized him and said, “Yes, I do.”
He said, “I am Ramachandran who was your neighbour at Thoothukkudi. Are you able to recognize me?”
And, added, “I was traveling to Thoothukkudi from Chennai. By mistake I alighted here at Virudunagar.  
As I walked through this way I decided to enter the Temple and have darshan of Sri Rama. And, I have met you also here!”
After a pause he asked me, “Did you get back your jewels and cash?” referring to the jewels and cash that we had lent to one of our relatives at Thoothukkudi.
I told him, “No. I have not. They are demanding documentary evidence; and I have none. They have cheated me.”
On hearing me, he gave me an envelope and asked me to read the paper it contained. To my utter amazement I found that it was a document signed by Lakshmana Pillai, the man to whom we had lent the jewels and cash. It stated that he, Lakshamana Pillai, had taken 10 sovereign gold jewels and 1 ½ lacs in cash from me; the document also stated the reason for taking the loan and contained the date of the loan taken. It further stated that in case his sons failed to return the loan taken his house should be handed over to Gomathy (and that is me)! The wonder did not stop here. The document was signed by two witnesses whose names were Ramachandra murti and Marutirajan!

I felt choked. Tears began to roll down my cheeks. The joy I experienced at that moment is inexplicable. Mr. Ramachandran (for, this is the name of the gentleman who met me at the Temple), himself took me to Thoothukkudi. Showed the documentary evidence to the family who had troubled me for so long and
got back the jewels and cash they owed me!

The power of Rama Nama has, indeed, performed a miracle. Mr. Ramachandran did not know that I lived at Virudunagar. He was not aware that the family at Thoothukkudi had refused to pay pack the loan. Why should he who was on his way to Thoothukkudi alight at Virudunagar by mistake? It certainly was not a mistake. Why should he enter the Rama Temple? It was all the work of the compassionate Sri Rama who I had called as my witness! What is more amazing is the fact that he had with him the documents needed by me!! My case is verily the proof that Rama Nama can work wonders! As a result of Rama Nama, Sri Rama and Hanuman themselves did appear as the witness for both my claims – of the jewels and amount lent and they being my witnesses! What more can be said? Hail Rama Nama! Glory unto Rama Nama! All glories unto the Lord.

Our heartfelt gratitude and namaskar to our Sadguru Sri Muralidhara Swamiji for blessing us with the rarest of gems – the Mahamantra! Our thanks and gratitude to our friend and guide
Mr. Venkateshkumar, who leads the Mahamantra chanting at Virudunagar, for leading us to our Sadguru.  

M. Gomathy,

anuradha, Ras Al Khaimha, Dubai

First of all, thanks to Swamiji,  i got a job after a long time.
I'm all the time chanting Rama Nama - while sleeping, walking,  eating  each and every moment.

I would like to continue this job because last time I had said that I had 'Ashtama Sani' for 2and half years and hence it will not let me continue my job...
I hope with Sri Swamiji's blessings and Nama, I will continue.

K. Bashyam, Chennai

A small and insignificant incident yesterday reinforced my belief in naama.

My two wheeler had broken down yesterday morning and I was forced to take the public transport to work.

Yesterday in Chennai the government bus transport employees had gone on a strike and the public transport system was completely paralyzed. On my return from work to home I waited for close to 1 hour to get an auto rickshaw. I failed to get one and I was worried as, I needed to get home fast else the bike repair shop would close.  Then I started chanting the naama. Hardly had I finished chanting naama for the 5th time  an auto rickshaw stopped next to me and I reached home in time to take my bike to the repair shop.

With Warm Regards

K Bashyam
Chennai - 600006

Vinod, New Jersey, USA

Pranams to Lotus feet of Sri Sri Swamiji.
Two month back, i had requested for a prayer in Namadwaar for my daughter and my wife's health.
I had also started chanting Mahamantra regularly.

With Guruji's blessings, yesterday, my wife delivered a baby girl. Both are doing fine.

Thanks a lot to Sri Sri Swamiji.

Request his blessings again to my entire family.
Also, request his blessings so that I keep chanting Mahamantra always.

Vinod, USA

M. Srinivasan, Mylapore

I am a devotee of Swamiji  for over a decade. Recently, before leaving for visiting my sons in the US, I sought the blessings of Swamiji and told Him that I was planning to visit USA  in January-February.  

For reasons known only to Him, He asked me why not after June...

Accordingly I left on July 6th.  In the Ekadasi Day at Ashram  a few days earlier, when asked by him about proposed trip, he merely blessed that everything will be fine.

I was pleasantly surprised, that my son  was conferred the Akhil Chopra Award for year 2010.

I am glad to share this information with the devotees of our HH Swamiji, whose grace has never failed me.

My pranams to HH Swamiji with a request to continue shower His blessing on us for our advancing spirituality.

The Chanting of Hare Rama Hare Rama  Rama Rama Haare. Hare Krishna Haaaare Krishna Krishna Hare Hare. is helping me enhancing my efforts to advance in spiritual pursuit.

With pranoms to Swamiji,

Sanoj M Nair

Guruji's blessing and prayers made my house work compelte, many times during house construction I thought that the house construction will delay due to some hurdles and money problem but work has not stopped for single day it went on , money adjusted from here and there.

This is only because of Guruji's blessings and prayers. i would like to say that radha rani and krishna will never allow their bhakatas to fall.


kaipallil house,
kozhencherry (via)

S. Jayaraman,

Radhey Radhey
Our humble pranams to SriSri Swamigal.  Our daughter, Mridula, has been doing well in her B.Pharma in the Amity University - stood 1st in her 4th Semester; awaiting a merit schloarship.

It is all only through Nama and the Blessings of SriSri Swamigal.

We pray and submit to HIM for all colourfull success in studies, career and life of Mridula.

Radhey Radhey

V.Gomathy, Hyderabad

Dear Devotees,

First my Humble pranam at  the Lotus of Feet of  our beloved Guruji Shri Shri Muralidhara Swamigal.I would like to share our bad experiences whiich we had in the last 4 days  and how our Guruji and Nama saved us .
Nama and Guruji' Blessings Saved my brother' life:- My brother Janardhanan was down with high fever in last week . He was coming from Chennai to Trivandrum after attending my cousins Wedding reception. In the train itself he was very week. My brother consulted the doctor nearby to our house. Though he had taken the medicine, the fever did not come down and he was very very week. Was not even able  to stand properly. Then my parents  took him to PRS hospital,TVM (3rd Sep). He underwent there for few check ups. The blood result shows, the platelates count was very less. Doctor gave him an Injection .We are all very upset. The reason being we lost my another brother Narayanan in 2003 because of Dengue fever. Again on 4th Sep morning he underwent two blood tests. On result was expected in the afternoon and the second one for Dengue in the evening.  I am staying alone at Hyderabad, my parents were giving me the updates.I kept chanting Nama,  i sat infront of Guruji's and Krishna's photos, I told our problem and concern for my brother  to OUR GURUJI, I started chanting Nama with Guruji(CD). I got a very good message from my father at 12.25 pm , the count is better now. But the Dengu result shows that he has the Dengue fever. Starting stage. No medicine prescribed. good food and complete rest are the two remedies to bring down the fever and improve the Platelates count. By Guruji's grace and Nama's effect his count has increased from 65 k to more than 83k by monday. I request YOU all to keep Chant the Nama, IT WILL TAKE CARE OF US. OUR GURUJI, is not mere a Human Being. HE and KRISHNA ARE ONE AND THE SAME.

Now I want to tell you all How Nama and Guruji saved me . I met with an accident on Sunday night around 7.30 pm. I was coming from Shirdi Sai Baba Temple, at Dilishukanagar after attending the evening Arathi. I owe to SAIBABA a lot for bringing me to the WONDERFUL GURUJI. Saibaba beautifully narrates the necessity of Guru in our life in Sai Satcharita Book. About my accident, I was crossing the road after getting down from the Shared Auto, suddenly a bike crossed infront and hit me . I was on the road, another bike came and collided with the bike which hit me. It was big shcok for me. The handle strucked at  my chest, the pedals hit my leg and my right wrist twisted little. Felt pain all over the body. See the Leela of Guruji, suddenly my collegue came there and took me to hospital. My another friend came for my help. Took xray on my leg, NO FRACTURE AT ALL. One of the person who was helping me on road told me "That day is lucky for me". YES, I was saved only because of my GURUJI and Nama. The accident happend few yards away from  the busy junction.Normally the autos stops at the end of T juction .That day he stopped few yards behind the junction. I REALLY DO NOT KNOW HOW I SHOULD PAY BACK TO OUR GURUJI. HE IS HELPING US A LOT AND INFACT HE IS THERE WITH US ALWAYS. I can very well feel that.

So, once again I am requesting you all to tightly hold the Feet of our GURUJI and Nama. ONLY THEY CAN TAKE CARE OF US.


R. Vaishnavi, Chennai.

" Kalaye Sundarakaram Sadaika priyadarshanam agnyana naashakam devam Sadgurum Muralidharam"

My Namaskaram to the lotus feet of Guru Maharaj.
I wish to share the following two incidents that happened during the last week and how the blessings of Guruji and the magic of "Rama Nama" rescued from major mishaps...

FIRST: On 16/08/2010, my Amma who is a Mathematics teacher in Shree Sayee Vivekananda Vidhyalaya. Kodungaiyur, Chennai met with an accident in the school. She was taking classes for Std.VIII students in her school auditorium. Suddenly The Ceiling Fan fell on her Shoulder and she suffered minor bruises. The previous day only myself, my brother and my mother went to the residence of Swathi Murali of Madhavaram Kendra to chant Nama Kirtan .It is our firm belief that Gurujis blessings and the Nama Kirtan played a major part in my mothers escaping from a major mishap.

SECOND: On 20/08/2010, My Grandma aged 81 who is bed ridden for almost a year and half suffered a severe stroke leading to a paralytic attack, in the evening. Grandma due to the stroke could not speak, her right hand and right leg did not function at all and she was very much struggling. The doctor who had come to attend her said she looked very critical. He gave some injections and said anything may happen. Fearing something adverse could happen, we all did not knew what to do next, then all the Bhaktas residing in Keerai Thottam of the Kodungaiyur Kendra came, they sat and performed nama kirtan for about an hour or so.

And what happened the next day was a miracle. With the blessings of Lord Krishna, Panduranga, our Guru Maharaj and last but not the least "The magic of Rama Nama Mahamantra" my grandma recovered from the paralytic attack. She started calling my Appa and Amma and was able to speak, her hands and legs started to function and she came back to normal the next day.
We all believe that it is the nama kirtan that the bhaktas had performed the day earlier rescued her from her death bed. Even the doctor who attended her during the crisis says he was expecting that all would be over for her by that night, but with the blessings our Guruji and the power of nama kirtan did make her survive and come through the entire crisis.
We all feel that we are really blessed to have a guru like our Guru Maharaj. On behalf of all my family members I herewith offer my namaskarams to his kamalacharam for being with us and taking us through all these tough situations.

Whatever our Guru Maharaj says are proven correct again and again and again.. So as he says just keep Chanting "Rama Nama" and perform Nama Kirtan as and when you see an opportunity and perform with true heart and love for it. As said by our Guru Maharaj it will make all impossible things possible. Keep Chanting "Rama Nama" and see the results for yourself.

"Sadgurunath Maharaj Ki - JAI"


Sathish, N., Chennai


Wanted to share two bliss-full experience with you all,both are sweeter
than milk sweets made in our blessed nation.

First Anubhava..

Muralidaar Swamji's blessing's we had boy child on June 30 and we
wanted to share it with swamji but since he was in bangalore during
that time we could not get in touch with him.
Every evening we recite nama at my Aunts(Valli Nagarajan) home in front
of Guruji picture along with RadheKrishna idol placed near him , on
July 2 when we were chanting along with another aunt(S. Saroja) from
Cuddalore she was deeply moved to with tears during Nama recital. Both
me and my aunt(Valli Nagarajan ) also were moved and were feeling as if
guruji is back in chennai.

Since we both cannot enter the holy Premikabhavan, I decided to take
Aunt Saroja and Grandpa to see if there is possiblity to meet
Guruji.Before starting asked my Aunt Valli, if can ask Guruji for nice
name for our kid, she adviced us to wait till she meets Guruji in
person on Ekadesi on July 8.
We started around 6.45pm and due to traffic reached the Premikabahvan
at 7.00 pm. Told my Aunt and Grandpa to meet Guruji upstairs if he was
there while I waited for them outside. While I was waiting below
anxiously one of the devotee's pointed his finger to his little son to
window , there saw Guruji sitting peacfully and talking to my Saroja
Aunt. Excited to see Guruji from below , I waved my hand vigorously and
Guruji looked at my direction , from road payed homage to him and
shared the news of son.
Guruji blessed Aunt , wrote a divine name for our boy in a card which
my aunt brought down and shared with me. Guruji knew devotee's heart
like mine and showered his blessing for our son with name VISHVAMBARAN.

Second Anubava..

Second one happened today 22/07/2010 when my internet connection was
broken , technical person from telephone showed up today.

This person name Santosh Shankar is from small village called
Mahulapalli Orissa which border's Andrapradesh. When I gave him
guruji's nama mantra he told me nama is recited by villagers every
morning at 6.30 , they form group and sing the Nama go around the
village and again repeat it in evening at 8.30pm.

As guru expressed in one of his discourses about every Sadhu 's wish is
to listen stories of Hari and also Tukaram's love to have company of
bhagavatar's singing holy Nama, same feeling and ecatacy surrounded me
when Santosh shared this with me. All this happened due to Muralidhar's
Swamiji's blessing's, he invoked bhakti in my family and many other's
to be part of Krishna's divine love.

Countless gratitude to Guruji.

Satish Nagarajan

Hare Rama Hare Rama
Rama Rama Hare Hare
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare.