Uma Maheshwari, Chennai

I am working in a Govt Officesince the last 30 years . I have been
doing my work quite Ok andhave not received any bad remarks in all
these years . But now the trend has changed Officers are very strict
and are on a look out to some how find fault  and stress up assistants
. One such incident happened with me a few  days back. There  was a
charge against me that i have received some paid vouchers and have not
sent it to the proper section . All i remembered was that whenever i
receive paid vouchers i always transfer it to the proper section  but
still i made a sincere search but could not get it . There was so much
dust every where but still i kept on searching and i also made a phone
call to the concerned branch to help by sending at leas copy of
schedule of payment  I heard that the higher officials would give me a
warning letter  it would be a very bad remark in official career.. I
just remembered our Gurumaharaj"s advice given common to all regarding
chanting Mahamantam during crisis . I chanted the mahamantra 108 times
for two days regularly in front of  Gurumaharaj's  divine picture and
also whenever i had time. on17th of feb when i went to office to the
surprise of all my officers the copies of  paid vouchers along with
copies of schedule was in the table of my officer. I was stunned  what
can i say i just folded my hands and thanked  our Gurumaharaj .

What i
have written is completely true . I dont know how this happened for we
never get  copies of paid vouchers so easily and so quickly. I pray
and submit my pranaams a countless times at Thy Lotus feet of
Gurumaharaj  for all the kindness he  showers on me  and my family.

Uma maheshwari

Kishore, Atlanta, USA

Radhey Radhey,

Coming Wednesday (23rd of Feb), I am travelling to India for vacation. Myself and family (wife and 2 kids) planning to visit Premika Bhavanam on Feb 25th (the day of landing) and we are very eager for our Sadhguru’s darshan and blessings. For the past one month, my eagerness to take Guruji’s darshan kept increasing and I was in a joyous mood. But last week, I had a big trouble in my work place. The software product that I am administering broke and we have to restart some process to make it work. This sporadic problem kept happening again and again every day since 16th of Feb. I have been working on this product for more than 7 years and I could not figure out the issue. Then we contacted the Vendor (CA) and they have been working with us since then, but no improvement.

This issue totally ruined my whole spirit and mood as I need to work on it day and night. My whole meditation was on resolving the issue. But could not move an inch.

Every day morning, I do one hour Nama along with Guruji’s tape in front of Guruji’s picture. As the above mentioned issue bothered me so much, I could not focus on the nama. Still I just continued it ritualistically. Today morning (Monday), I started chanting nama in front of  Guruji’s picture. But not less than two minutes, as usual the issue happened. I did not want to discontinue chanting nama, but at the same time, I need to send emails to my colleagues on the issue as well. So I was continuing chanting nama praying to Guruji, and was also addressing the issue. My brain was reeling due to multitasking.

But I kept praying to Guruji, please help me. I don’t want my India trip to be hampered and wanted to take Guruji’s darshan without any hindrance.

Then came to work and was looking into the logs. As a note, I have been looking into logs since 16th and it has become a ritual for me every day. Today, I just looked at something and casually mailed the details saying some error messages looks scary. Then we just thought we will work on that message and see if we can figure out something. In two minutes we came up with a plan for applying a solution  and miraculously it worked. Since then, the issue never happened. Myself, our team, and the Vendor could not figure out the solution for the past one week and we could not even identify the real problem. But here today, praying in front of Guruji  very seriously took us straight to identifying the issue and resolving it in no time.

How can we dare to claim that we found the solution. Even now, we cannot technically explain or justify why it happened. But we just know the solution J

Its 100% Guruji’s Krupa…Praying in front of Guruji’s picture is as potent as praying in front of him physically… no difference at all.

My manager came in the evening happily and said “today we were lucky in making the right assumption and the issue is resolved“. I was just thinking, I know from whom the solution came!


N.Balasubramanian, Madurai
My very close relative needed support after her husband's untimely death.It seemed her inlaws were not willing to part with her husband's money and house property.We have sent prayer request to Guru Maharaj explaining her state. Guru Maharaj has blessed her with a Divine Message.

We ourselves were chanting Mahamantra and asked her also to chant Mahamantra. To our great relief, her inlaws have handed over the cheque and also signed the house documents giving up their rights with out any murmur or objection! An event which we all thought would be a difficult and problematic one passed off peacefully and in amicable situation.We are sure it is Guru Maharaj's grace and Mahamantra which brought this turn of events.

We are all grateful to Guru Maharaj and Mahamantra.
- N. Balasubramanian

Ms. Gayatri of Sriperumbudur met with an accident in Feb 2011; at the same time, Ms. Gunavatiji who was away on an outstation duty at Bangalore, had a dream in which she saw Sri Swamiji and Ms. Gayatri.  

After having heard about the accident, we asked all our kendra members to pray.  The information was immediately conveyed to Sri Swamiji and Sri Swamiji showered His blessing on her.  The doctors gave a 48-hour notice, as it was really a life-threatening accident.  But due to grace of Sri Swamiji and the Nama, she was cured and discharged safely.

- K. Sivakumar, Ambattur, Chennai

I should say I am lucky & gifted enough to get Swamigal's kadaksham. I was working  for a company in Chennai & suddenly it ran out of business. I was so depressed that I sought refuge in Swamigal during one of His visits to Premika Bhavanam. He prayed for a shortwhile and told me that I will definitely get  another good job. Because of His blessings I got a job within a month of this visit but it was away from Chennai. I wanted to come back to Chennai after I had worked for six months in that new company. So who else I will seek refuge again other than that Karanumoorthi. Myself & my wife poured out to Swamigal abt our adhangam. Again he told us to be rest assured that I will get a job back in Chennai. Such is His grace I have got a job in Chennai last month, that too with a designation & salary hike which I did not even dream about. There is no limit to His Karunyam. We wanted to meet Him in person & express our heartfull thanks. We rushed to Premike Bhawan on 6th of this month . But our bad luck He had just left for Gudiyatham. I was totally shattered with disappointment.   Then we attended His Satsung on 10th at Bhuvaneshwari Amman temple. After the discourse we rushed to Premike Bhawan trying to get an audience. I should say I was so blessed that we were just able to make it as he was about to leave in the car. As he rolled down the window, I conveyed my heartful thanks to Him saying that "Because of Your Anugraham, I have come back to Chennai." He replied back saying " Shemama Irupppel". Our joy knew no bounds thinking that how blessed we should be to get such kind of blessings from a Guru like Him. We were speechless for sometime not able to recover from this Sweet Shock. Those words are ringing still in our ears.

What else we can expect more than this in life.

Guru krupa Kathasham irundha we can achieve anything in Life.

Jai Swamiji Ki........

V. Ramakrishnan, KK Nagar, Chennai.

I would like to take this wonderful golden opportunity to share our Nama Anubhava. My husband's and my visa were expiring by the end of 2009 and so we had appiled for its extension during September end.On October 6th, we received a notice from US Visa Immigration stating that our petition for extension requires Further Evidence(RFE).

We were much disappointed and dint expect this response so soon(within 15 days).To have a legal stay in US, there are 2 options. Either to respond back to RFE or to apply for new visa and get it stamped in Canada or other neighbouring countries.  Responding back to RFE does not turn out to be successful on all cases and the success rate of new visa is more compared to resonding to RFE.  But my husband's current project was getting over and so the employer initially was not much bothered about the visa issues and didn't come forward to apply new visa.  We were told to be ready to go back to India. We had so much of stress and confusion.  

On October 14th very late night I made a sincere prayer to Shri Shri Swamiji. I was in for a great surprise and shock on October 15th morning because I received a call from Chennai! Sri Swamiji wanted to know what was going on at my end. After having silently listened to my problem, I was advised to continue chanting Mahamantra. and that all the problems will be solved.  The very next day (October 16th) there was a great surprise waiting for us.  My husband got a new project and there was no one to replace his position.  So everything started turning up-side down due to Shri Swamiji's grace and Mahamantra. The employer voluntarily came forward and agreed to apply a new visa with stamping in Canada.

The Nama Anubhava doesnot stop here!
The process for new visa happened so smoothly and we had another surprise. We were offered an excellent accomodation from one of our relatives staying in Canada where we could meet Shri Bhagavan Ramana Maharishi Ashram's head and other devotees.On Novemebr 24th we had our visa interview and it was extremely simple without any issues. We felt that the officer who interviewed us was none other than our Swamiji. Tears rolled down my eyes when we came out after hearing that our visa was approved for next 2 and a 1/2 years.  We collected the stamped passports and later started to US.Generally people have some issues in port of entry while entering into US. To our great surprise our port of entry formalities happened in Canada itself and it was extremely smooth.  After landing in US, we had to rent a car to reach home. Again with Guru Maharaj's grace we received a good and surprise deal for car rental.

Without Guru Maharaj's grace nothing would have happend so well and I take this moment to say that prayers made sincerely from anywhere will be heard by our Swamiji and our Swamiji  is none other than Lord's Avartar.

Radhe Radhe!
Sridevi Ramanan

After watching the lectures of our Swamiji in Raj TV, Sri Venkatesan of Arani (a city in Tamil Nadu) was inspired and started conducting group prayers (chanting of Hare Rama Mahamantra) from the year 2002.

In the year 2007, when Sri Madhavan of our Satsangh visited Arani, he came to understand that NAMA is being conducted there regularly.
Nagara Sankirtan is also being conducted there on every full moon day.
What is interesting is that in  those 5 years (2002-07), Sri Venkatesan has not once met our Swamiji! It was in 2008 that he visited our Ashram and met our Swamiji for the first time and got his blessings.

In October 2010, Sri Venkatesan was found having a big clot in his heart. He was advised for by-pass Surgery immediately.   After some days, Sri Venkatesan was admitted into Chettinad Hospital, Chennai for his surgery.

Sri Madhavan of our satsang conveyed this information to Sri Swamiji and sought His blessings; and Sri Swamiji said, "Oh, my blessings? Yes, that's very simple!"

While in hospital, Sri Venkatsan was constantly writing Hare Rama in his note book. During one night in the hospital, when he was lying in bed, he felt very restless. Suddenly he had a vision, wherein Sri Swamiji appeared before him, and applied Vibhuti prasad on his chest with His own hands, showering His blessings and saying that everything will be alright and asking him to continue chanting.

Sri Venkatesan is now discharged from the hospital after a successful surgery and is at home.  He says that he is having the darshan of Sri Swamiji all the time and is enjoying a blissful recovery!

The 22nd of October, 2010, will remain as one our most beautiful, blissful day in our lives.  Amongst other auspiciousness of the day such as being Pournami and being Valmiki Jayanti, what made the day most special was “ Mere Sad Guru Ghar Aaye”…  We can relive this day for the rest our lives with joy abundant.

I must give you a little background to help experience the happenings from our perspective.

My father , Sri Raman has not recovered fully from a stroke that he had in 1998 and has not been on his own ever since. Off late, his legs have weakened further and so he is unable to do even the passive exercise. While that has limited his minimal physical  movement, but  not his spirits and we continue to have regular “ Kritikai “  and “ Shashti” Bhajans at home along with the daily chanting of Mahamantra. I must draw your attention to the sequence in which he ( we )  sing the “Tirupughals” and the specific slogams that he( we ) sing together.
My mother, Smt Seethalakshmi ,  very recently mentioned to my wife ( Smt Roopa ) and me about the significance of doing rituals as “Dampathy”  and added one last line saying “ Look at us… much as we may want to, it is impossible for us to do any such thing together ……”   ( Oh!  Did she momentarily forget that our PRABHU was a KARUNA MURTHY…” )

22nd October , 2010:

Roopa and I returned from Ranipet on the 21st and we realized quite late in the night that Sri Swamiji had come down to Bengaluru. I checked with Sri Shankarnarayananji about Sri Swamiji’s program for the 22ndand he told me that we could have Darshan from 7 am onwards at Sree Anjaneya temple.  Wanting to be an early bird, I reached there at 6.30 am , all set to have Darshan and also came prepared to go to office from there, only to find that JI had proceeded to Malleswaram at 6 am and would be giving Darshan at Smt. Leelaji’s house…( by the way , we reside at Malleswaram as well ). The disappointment lasted milliseconds and oblivious of my appointment with future I decided to turn back to Malleswaram and drove  to Smt. Leelaji’s house.

As I reached there, very few devotees had assembled and as Sri Swamiji walked into the hall, we prostrated  and Sri Swamiji mentioned “ gurumurty has come”…. and put his hand on my shoulders..( Wish I could have frozen in time…)…

Sri Shankarnarayananji told Sri Swamiji that I had become a Director and Sri Swamiji insisted on congratulating me 5 times over by giving me a handshake each time, in spite of my appealing to HIM that it was only a designation change. Sri Swamiji then gave me a few tasks to complete as in to take updates from Sri Bhagyaji who was touring Australia and Far-East countries  and Sri Ramanujam ji who was touring  Mid-East countries… While this was happening, devotees poured in and were seeking Sri Swamiji’s blessing amidst chanting of Maha Mantra.

One such devotee, Sri Raja , who started a garment factory recently,  humbly requested   our Swamiji to visit his factory to which our Swamiji agreed and asked me to arrange the same. My Joy knew no bounds as that gave me an opportunity to travel with Sri Swamiji.  Meanwhile , my mother, who was present as well,  prayed to Swamiji that HE visit our home and Sri Swamiji promised that HE would.

We reached the factory at 11.30 am and the  400 plus  employees of Renram Fashions, were standing in two lines , waiting to receive our Swamiji, chanting MahaMantra and offering flowers along the path for Swamiji to walk on. The factory which started with a humble beginning on the edifice of chanting the MahaMantra , has now grown significantly in the last 18 months to a strength of 450 employees. The wall outside and every strategic location inside the building has MahaMantra inscribed which ensures all passerby , Employees, customers, and visitors cannot miss reading it  and invariably  read and chant the MahaMantra.
Swamiji blessed all the employees and spoke about the importance of Nama and MahaMantra. All the employees chanted in Blissful joy along with our Swamiji and promised HIM that they will chant it every day.

We came back to Smt. Leelaji’s  residence where the MahaMantra continued and at 3 pm Swamiji  ended the chanting and asked all of us to assemble at a nearby hall “ Ananya” for the evening Pravachan at 6.30pm. He instructed me to go home and wait…. Little did I realize that each minute would take an hour to pass by….

Our SADGURU came in Sri Shankarnarayananji’s car and HE alighted as Sri Krishna would have from his chariot… hugged Rishab and Roshan and walked along…  We had propped up my father in a chair and  moved the chair to the hall and  had a seat ready for Sri Swamiji and kept things ready for a “PADA POOJA” for our GURU….

HE saw the same and instructed that that the PADA POOJA be done by my parents… In my Ignorance, I uttered that my father was invalid and HE looked at me and said “ He will do it”… and before we could react , Sri Swamiji moved HIS seat closer to my father’s chair. HE wanted a stool to place HIS PADAM (His Lotus Feet) and we got a lower stool  to which HE insisted on a higher stool …… HIS COMPASSION ABUNDANCE….( while  we felt it could cause discomfiture to Sri Swamiji to place HIS FEET so high)…  HE got my Father and Mother to perform the entire PADA POOJA so beautifully , amidst chanting of MahaMantra  ……We were all in tears of JOY……. Oh ! such is HIS COMPASSION….

Swamiji  walked about the entire house and garden  blessing each and brick and  every plant  with HIS GRACE.

Swamiji then walked into the Pooja room and as I would put it “ SAW HIS OWN REFLECTION”….

Swamiji  then  came back to the hall , took HIS seat and asked my father to sing a Thirupughal  and my father started immediately with “ Kaithala Nirai kani “….  As soon as he finished the song , Sri Swamiji started the next Thirupughal   “ Santatham Bandha Todaraale”  which is exactly the sequence we follow in our Shashti/Kritigai bhajan… and the next again was in the same sequence that we sing… and so on …

I now understand when HE said “ Naaham Vasaami Vaikunte , Naa Yogi Hrudaye Ravo , Madh Bhaktaha:  yatra Gayanthi , Tathra Thishtami Narada”……  HE has been sitting along with us for all the Bhajans and hence sings the same songs  ,  slogams and in the same sequence as well…..

HE beautifully explained a verse from  “Naada Vinthu Kalaathi  Namo Nama…”    It was this particular verse

                                                                                                “ Eethalum pala Kolaala  Poojaiyum,  Audalum Gunam  Aachaara Neethiyum ,  Eeramum  Guru Cheerpaada Sevayum….Maravaada”

( in short , Our prayers , goals , Objective should be never to forget to Hold on to our GURU’s PADA )

I had tears in my eyes when for a moment I thought of Sant Meera Bai  as she danced and sang “  Aaj Sakhee Mere SADGURU Ghar Aaye , Mere Man Me Anand Payore “ ……. Oh! What Joy ! What Joy !

Our GURUNATHAR then left for the venue for that evening’s pravachanam.  GURUNATHAR spoke on the importance of  NAMA, NAMASANKEERTANAM and being a brief on Sage Valmiki, being Valmiki Jayanty and brought about beautifully the significance of a GURU visiting HIS shishya.  We Blissfully joined Sri Swamiji in chanting the MahaMantra and Sri Swamiji concluded the satsang by blessing one and all…



Jayashree Ramakrishnan

As Lord Krishna sent his Minister, Uddhava to be with the Gopis, our Krishna sent his Uddhava (Bhagyaji) to Australia recently (Sept-Oct 2010), only that this Uddhava was also the Gopi. Bhagyaji’s boundless prem and devotion to Sri Guruji and whole hearted commitment to Sri Guruji’s vision and ideals were clearly evident in his mesmerising and soul stirring “Madhura Smaranam” speeches.

Beneath his calm, collected and humble disposition, one could see and feel Bhagyaji’s absolute devotion, focus, clarity and an enormous drive to reach out to people to bring them together under the huge Umbrella of his Master to receive His Grace.  Bhagyaji’s talks on Sri Guruji and His work (Kalidharma Undhiyar) were inspiring, eloquent and powerful, with a clear focus on driving home key messages to devotees.

This is a meek attempt to express a few points that stood out as take home messages for me from his lectures.

Many people in the world carry on with their lives without giving any thought to God or Guru. Fortunate are we to have God himself as our Guru and when we see that and when we know that, what sort of attitude should we have in our lives?

Bhagyaji articulated that the attitude should be one of gratitude - with Guru in the centre of our lives and to carry out all activities in line with His teachings, with love and devotion and with the only aim to make him happy.  This is the only personal sadhana for our spiritual progress.

Bhagyaji emphatically said that if our attitude and life style do not change and we carry on with life the way we always did, then our devotion is merely hero worship as there is no impact in us in having come to the holy feet of a Guru.

Bhagyaji also added that any small steps from our end to be a part of Sri Guruji’s global vision will make Him very happy and it does not matter whether our efforts lead to anything at all, the efforts in itself will make Him happy. The grand plan will happen and materialise according to His will whether we are a part of it or not. However, if we join in and be a part of it, we become the recipients of His grace.

These words were deep, insightful and had a profound impact on all the devotees, including me.  

The second key message that struck me most was to see every little happening in our lives as Him doing it.  This is hard to comprehend, given that in our daily lives (be at home or work), we seem to make countless decisions and carry out so many acts, predominantly in the presence of our ego (Aham) or mind.  How do we then see this as Him doing it?  Well, Bhagyaji had a very simple solution.  “Either you take the stand that you are doing it and stay firm in that stand (This will also take you further) or take the stand that God or Guru is doing it and stay firm in that stand but do not oscillate between these two stands”.  

If we take the stand that we do everything, then we need to accept all the unholy, unwanted and difficult events also as our own making and put up with them gracefully.  But, what happens in reality? The moment, an insignificantly small inconvenient or difficult situation arises, we start praying to God or Guru and suddenly there is a feeling of acceptance and understanding that not all is within our control and not all can be done by us without the divine intervention.  Once the prayers are answered and the problems are solved, we are back to our ME times.  For a devotee, the stand should be to see everything as God or Guru’s work.  Our prayers should be to seek this attitude in us and initially it may appear superficial, however, over a period of time, intuitively we will feel Him operating through our lives.

The third, but probably the most important point that impacted me is the need for unrelenting faith on Guru.  Bhagyaji categorically stated that when we pray sincerely with all our heart for resolution of a problem or for anything at all, let our faith on Guru be firm and grounded despite the end results.  If our faith is on Guru, irrespective of whether the problems get resolved the way we wanted or not, we will be able to see his compassion and hand guiding us through our problems.

Bhagyaji went on to say that if we encounter problems after coming to Sri Guruji’s fold, let us be assured that He likes us and that He is close to us.  What profound words?  Like a mother who will offer bitter medicine to an ill child, purely out of compassion and with the only intent to cure the child’s sickness, despite the child’s tantrums, some of our ailments and problems are only intended for our inner transformation and spiritual progress so we can become conducive vessels for receiving His ever flowing grace (which we inadvertently try to block). As pointed out by a devotee at the final satsang, we have a diamond in our hands and if we do not see the value of it, it is our loss and not the loss of the diamond.

Bhagyaji’s 3 weeks’ trip came to an end too soon. Suddenly there is a silent vacuum which all the OZ GOD team members feel heavily.  Bhagyaji’s trip has played a huge part in bringing together the satsang kids and young adults and they all feel a strong bond with Bhagyaji.

Bhagyaji’s words and powerful messages still linger in the hearts of every one. We pray to the lotus feet of our Guru Maharaj to sustain these thoughts and to be a part of His divine work, with the only goal that any infinitesimally small step or effort from us would make him happy.

Jayashree Ramakrishnan

S. Gomathy, Virudhunagar

I am a resident of Virudunagar and regularly participate in the Mahamantra chanting, every Sunday, at the Rama Temple here. I am in the habit of drawing the Lotus Feet of the Lord every time I draw the rangoli. Amused, my children asked, “Why do you draw these feet?” and I explained, “The Lord will come to our home if we draw His Lotus Feet.” And, Sri Swamiji did visit our home! The Lord had, indeed, entered our home! Sri Swamiji is verily my mother, father and all else.

I keep chanting the Mahamantra incessantly.

In the year 2008 Sri Swamiji visited Virudunagar and held a mass prayer at Vatthal mandapam. At that time I saw a divine light emerge from Sri Swamiji’s divine body and go round the hall and again merge into him. At once I realized that he was none other than Lord Krishna!

An old lady from the nearby village comes here to sell vegetables.  When I met her last week I found few gashes on her cheek. On enquiry I learnt that she had slipped down while alighting from the bus and hurt herself. When I asked her if she had undergone any treatment she said she had not as she did not know anyone here. At once, I gave her a picture of Sri Swamiji and asked her to chant ‘Rama!’ But this old lady could not pronounce ‘Rama!’ She said, “Aaama!” I tried my best to make her utter ‘Rama!’ and finally gave up. I told her, “Fine! Keep chanting ‘Aama! Aama!’ She left with Sri Swamiji's picture.

What I say may sound like a fiction but the very next morning she came to my door and there was no mark of injury on her face! Astounded I asked her how this had come about overnight. She explained, “Keeping that Saami’s (referring to Sri Swamiji) picture near me I kept chanting ‘Aama! Aama!’ and fell asleep. The Saami in the picture came out and with the feather on the head of Kisna (she did not even know that it was peacock feather) applied some medicine on my cheek. When I woke up in the morning I found my cheek healed! Is he a magician?”

Stunned, I managed to gather myself and said, “No, he is not a magician. He is Lord Krishna come down in this age of Kali to uplift people. Chanting the Mahamantra, shown by him, can work wonders!”

S. Gomathy