Dear Guruji,

After the last time was blessed with your darshan and told my suffering of Head ache during full moon's, received blessed fruit from your hand and divine chanting in your presence, my sufferings have vanished.

The maha mantra has profound effect on my soul and spirit as always, this ekadesi with renewed vigour completed Aydhoya Kandam , though not well versed in Sanskrit can pronounce and read it as was tutored at in Orissa(cuttack) school at tender age.

Sathish Nagarajan

Ramalingam Murugan, Muscat

Radhe Radhe,

I submit hereunder the miracle happened before the lotus feet of Sri Swamiji for my and Muscat satsang’s prayers for recovery of Mr. Koteeswar Rao.

During second week of April 2011, my friend Mr. Koteeswar Rao was admitted to Royal Hospital in a serious condition due to major block of blood clot in lungs and other parts of the body suddenly while undergoing a minor treatment for his minor fracture in his leg. Since I was busy with my software project in my bank, I could not visit the hospital while all my friends were visiting day and night helping him.  I felt very much guilty and daily while chanting ‘Kaliyayum Bali kollum’ Mahamantra Kirtan and Gajendra Stuti (taught by Mrs. Nirmala for Satsang members as per Sri Guruji’s advise),  I prayed to Sri Guruji for  his speedy recovery.

Mr. Chandrasekarji of our UAE Satsang here entrusted me with a job of handing over Sri Premika Varadan 2011 calendar given by Sri Guruji to four important Satsang members and I had handed over the same to three members. I had forgotten the name of the fourth member and the calendar was lying in my car. On Friday, 22nd April 2011, I decided to meet Mr. Koteeswar Rao in the hospital since he continued to be in critical stage and Mr. Koteeswar’s father flew from Hyderabad to Muscat on hearing the news.  On that day due to fatigue of continuously working for a period of 6 months without any break, I slept in the afternoon and when I got up the time was 5.45 p.m. When we decided to go to the hospital my wife told me that the visiting hours of Royal hospital is 5 to 6 and hospital authorities will not allow anyone beyond 6 p.m. She suggested going on Saturday but at my request, she accompanied me to the hospital. When we reached the hospital, it was 6.30 p.m.  

Then I decided to handover the calendar to Mr. Koteeswar Rao and my wife told me that hospital authorities will not allow anything inside the hospital in view her experience in her previous visit.  When we reached the main entrance, Royal Oman Police stopped us at the entrance and strictly refused the entry into the hospital due to the closure of visiting hours.  Suddenly my wife suggested trying the side entrance of the hospital used by her during her previous visit and we successfully reached the ICU unit.  We saw Mr. Koteeswar Rao in ventilator and totally in unconscious stage. I learn from the nurse who was taking care of Mr. Koteeswar that his condition was still critical and they were planning to take the CT scan next day. After coming out of the ICU, I chanted the Kaliyayum Bali Kollum and prayed to Guruji for his speedy recovery.

Then we met Koteeswar Rao’s father in the lobby who was very sad but confident. I took the Guruji’s photo which I was carrying always in my purse and handed over to him with a request to chant the Mahamantra ‘Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare, Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare'. I confidently told him that Mahamantra is very powerful and his son will be recovered very soon with Guruji’s blessings. He also assured to chant the mantra for speedy recovery of his son. After that when I was about to start the car, it did not start since the battery was down.  (Since my car was fully automated, we cannot start it by pushing).

I called the Automobile Association to tow my car and they refused to tow my car saying that my membership was not renewed. Being Friday, Mitsubishi workshop was closed and I had to leave the vehicle in the hospital. Next day morning I spoke to my Mitsubishi dealer and requested him to toe the vehicle and as per his advice, I reached the hospital with my friend’s car at 10 am but when I called the towing van, they refused to visit hospital stating that it would be difficult for them to enter the hospital and tow the vehicle. Then we went to Mitsubhishi dealer and handed over my car key with a request to toe it to their workshop for changing the battery. The car was towed by the dealer in the afternoon probably after the CT scan was over. On 23rd April 2011, I had requested Mr. Chandrasekarji to seek the blessings of Guruji for speedy recovery of Mr. Koteeswar Rao and as per his advice, I  sent the details of Mr. Koteeswar Rao by SMS. Mr. Chandrasekarji in turn sent the SMS to Sri Ramanujamji seeking the blessings of Guruji.

After few days I got the news that he started responding and regained consciousness suddenly. To my surprise I realized the miracle of Guruji that Premika Varadhan decided to stay in the hospital premises to save the Kotesswar Rao (calendar was in the car) and it prohibited me from taking the car outside the hospital.

Yesterday I met Koteeswar Rao’s father and Mr. Koteeswar Rao at his residence who recovered fully but still undergoing treatment. I handed over the calendar to Mr. Koteeswar Rao and he was very much happy.  Mr. Koteeswar Rao’s father also confirmed that he was continuously chanting the Mahamantra in the hospital.

I am really blessed to have the Guruji’s and Lord Premika Varadan’s blessings in Kaliyuga. Mahamantra is the best medicine in Kaliyuga and I humbly request that this be shared with all the other satsang members.

Radhe Radhe
Ramalingam Murugan,
Muscat Satsang

Agaramangudi Jayaraman, Kolkata

Our humble prostrations at the Lotus feet of my guru, Sri Sri Swamigal.

Earlier in 2010, I had sent a Prayer - informing about my retirement at 58 in May 2011; with my daughter's continuing education and I need to be given extension/in employment with good health, till she completes her education.

April 2011 gone, May 2011 started.  1st, 2nd, 3rd, till 4th May no information was coming through.  Though the colleagues & friends were encouraging that I would be getting the extension etc and remain without worry, the stress and the mounting tension were a pain.  

I have no words to convey my gratitude my guru, Sri Sri Swamigal.  What to say, just this morning, received official information that retirement has been deferred to 60 and I can continue up to May 2013.

With all my thanks and gratitude and respects to Sri Sri Swamigal for HIS kind Blessings.

Agaramangudi Jayaraman

Swathi Suryan

I would like to share a miracle and a transformation that happened to me because of Mahamantra and Guruji's blessings.
I found it very difficult to find a job though I am highly qualified.For some reason or the other I used to miss every opportunity.nothing was going right in my personal life as well.
I started becoming very desperate and frustrated.I am a strong Krishna devotee and I trust that there is no one superior to him.Soon my interest diverted to reading Srimad Bhagavata puranam where I learnt the importance of reaching Krishna only with the help of a guru.I used to ask Krishna to show me the right person so that I could reach my Krishna when I leave the body

I got introduced to Guruji through the vijay tv(sakthi pirakudhu moochinile) and I used to get magnetized by his simplicity in rendering the profound Vedic wisdoms. At once I started watching more videos of Guruji in youtube.His words about a true guru who should neither be like an astrologer nor a magician inspired me the most.Soon I came across Namadwaar and requested my prayers for a job.I chanted the Mahamantra in my puja room with Krishna's and Guruji's photo.

Like a miracle in less than a month I got a job offer in one of the leading company and all credits go to the Mahamantra and Guruji's blessings.Now I am ready to welcome problems in life because I have my best companion"Mahamantra"with me.I am sure I can overcome any battle let it be emotional/physical/psychological.Once I regularly started chanting the Mahamantra I am able to realize that the worldly problems that I face is not a matter of concern at all for me.As Sri Ramanujamji rightly says"we are all playing the game of life in demo mode as god has already planned our life"

What I have learnt is that the more problems we face the more closer Krishna is trying to pull us towards him.He gives the maximum problems to the one he loves the most because Krishna probably thinks that through the problem he is making us get lesser attracted to the worldly pleasures so that we keep thinking of him.Krishna is so possessive about his devotees.
I really aspire to meet our guruji once.

We can never hear anybody say that he/she is very happy and contented with any of their materialistic possessions in the name of money/status/progeny/health because we can be very sure that it is all temporary and we do not know what would happen

But the three things that we can all hold our heads high up and say that we are happy and proud to possess and carry within our hearts are our Guruji,Krishna and the Mahamantra as it is permanent and ever lasting.

I request all of you who are reading this to make it a habit to chant the Mahamantra and relish its nectar.It is a kalpavrisham(wish granting tree)  and all you need is to "ask Krishna through the mantra" and you will get it!!!!!

- Swathi

Madhumathi, North Carolina, USA

Radhekrishna !
My name is Madhumathi. I am from Chennai and presently doing my Masters in North Carolina State University, USA. I would like to share an experience of mine with the Namadwaar family.

On December 31, 2010 my mother informed me that they have received a letter from Arizona State University, stating that my account shows a due of $13000 (roughly 6 lakhs) which I am supposed to pay. I was utterly shocked and called ASU office. I was informed that since I had not asked them to cancel my admit and not withdrawn myself from the classes that I had previously registered for, and that the deadline do all this was long gone, I am to pay the amount. I tried telling them that I did not attend their university at all although I had not completed the cancellation procedure properly due to my negligence. They told me that this might not be accepted as an excuse but I could apply for an appeal to waive the fee if I want, and if approved, I would not have to pay any money. I decided to apply for it because I am already studying through education loan and shelling out 6 lakhs was close to impossible for us.

After a lot of painful negotiations , I applied for it. I was very scared and tensed that I did not what to do. I decided to chant Mahamantra sincerely everyday exclusively for this issue to get resolved (I chant Nama everyday even otherwise). After saying my prayers with Guruji’s picture in front of me, I called Dr. Bhagyanathan and poured out the problem and requested to talk to Guruji. He told me that he would inform Guruji and get back to me as soon as he got a reply. I was a bit relieved. In less than two days, he replied saying Guruji has been informed and that I don’t have to worry. I was very happy to see the email and continued to chant Nama.
Within ten days, I got a reply from ASU that my Tuition appeal had been approved and the charges would be cancelled. I was overjoyed and informed my parents and thanked Guruji and Dr. Bhagyanathan.
After a few days, I called ASU again to verify if everything was fine. But I got back a reply saying only my Tuition charges had been cancelled and I still owe them $ 1100 for Insurance. Again I was asked to appeal and I did, having complete faith in Guruji and Nama. I kept chanting Nama everyday and praying for the appeal’s approval. Last week, I got a reply from them informing me that it has been approved and that my account has been cleared of all dues.

I would like to say that even though it was my mistake to have overlooked the procedure and been careless, Nama and Guruji’s grace saved me. What might have turned out to be a source of great problem, was solved so smoothly due to Guruji. I thank Nama and Guruji everyday for helping me out.

Even otherwise, after coming to the US, I have faced a lot of problems. But it is due to Guruji’s sheer grace and the power of Nama, that I have been able to overcome all the issues till now. I know Guruji will stay with me through all my ups and downs yet to come, and I can only repay by continuously chanting the Mahamantra.

Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare, Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare!!!

Srividya, Concord, CA

Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Revered Swamiji's words to chant Mahamantra helped us...

Our bank had increased our loan including our insurances and taxes.We were not able to pay that as we pay our own taxes and insurance.

Swamiji advised chanting Mahamantra before talking to the bank to reset the loan to original payment. I had called several times and they always said that my request was pending. Only today (Apr 20), the bank told me that there was a mistake in the codes in our account and so, they were not able to reset my loan to original.

The bank representative immediately spoke to someone to put in a request to have the code deleted and temporarily set my payment for next month to original. She has promised to call me back once the codes are deleted and she told me that she will again put a request to reset my loan once the wrong codes are removed.This is all due to the power of the Mahamantra japa and Swamiji's blessings. Words cannot explain how thankful I am. I hope with Swamiji's blessings and the Mahamantra japa, everything will be premanently restored to the original terms.


Nirmala Mohan, Oman, UAE

Radhe Radhe, Hearty namaskara to the lous feet Sri Guruji. A month before i sent a prayer through Namadwar saying that some financial problem for me. It was 10.000 Rs just hidden out of our sight with out spending. The persons involved in this were so genuine who cannot be blamed, much worried and prayed to Guruji and send the prayer.

Mail received from Guruji saying that 'KRISHNA BLESSES YOU'! These are not just words, felt the presence of his bliss always near me.My heart beat was just saying the nama always, i recieve the call from India saying that the money is in the same pouch and they didnt count it seems. Just tears rolled on my cheeks  and realised the the faith the  of NAMA AND GURUJI'S BLESSINGS!

More than a thanks, chanting the nama is the right gratitude! I would request our brothers to publish this in anubhava.

Pranams to lotus feet of Sri Guruji.

- Nirmala Mohan.

Priya Tulasi, Waukesha, WI, USA

My 8 year old son (Shreshta Narayanan) and I were playing Uno yesterday in the Pooja room. He was losing to me game after game and asked me how come I kept winning effortlessly. I told him that it was because I chanted the Mahamantra regularly, Krishna's grace fell upon me and I got all favorable cards. Even though that was all I said, he said with a puzzled look on his face,"What? You are Krishna and I am Kamsa? This is not fair. I don't even like Kamsa nor do I want to be Kamsa". So I asked him to chant the Mahamantra and pray to Krishna (Premika vardan & Madhuri Sakhi; we also have Guriji's picture on the shelf). He did as I asked him to and we played another game and we both won this time. I told him "See! When we chant Mahamantra we all win." Shreshta was happy. In fact, he was simply content and decided to just end the game there and let me be alone and left the room. I then realized that it was time for my daily Kirtan ritual that I enjoy and look forward to every time. Krishna played a little leela with us both mother and son before I started with my Mahamantra- chanting routine.
As Guruji mentioned in his video lectures, like the gopis, I am so used to seeing miracles every day in my life that I'd be surprised if there were none.
There are infinite ways to reach God and many refer to Bagavan as the light. The sun shines its brilliance everywhere without expecting anything in return. The same light, when passed through a prism, reveals the most vibrant beautiful colors beyond one's imagination. In the same manner, when we experience divinity through our Guruji and see everything as Guru swarupa (Krishna swarupa) life experiences take a new meaning. There is joy even in suffering. Just the knowing that HE is always with you sets one free. This is freedom through surrender. Can there be a better way to lead a stress-free life in this age? It is indeed His compassion and grace that we enjoy the comforts of spiritual as well as material life. That Brahman, Paramatma, Bagavan has taken the most beautiful, compassionate, loving, tolerant as well as playful divine form as our Guruji who by his immense compassion and mercy transforms everyone's lives from within. It is indeed His grace to see His true nature and form AS IT IS.
Mahamantra is truly a gift of the GREAT ONE.  
May all be happy, may all be peaceful, may all enjoy Krishna's bliss and His divine leelas, may all chant Mahamantra and sing His glories, and may none suffer any pain.
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare . Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krsihna Hare Hare.

Sriraman, New Delhi

I got introduced to Sri Sri Swamiji through his programmes on Vijay TV.  I have been regularly watching his discourses during weekends at 6 am for almost one year now and now-a-days on daily basis at 6.20 am.

In Aug 2010 due to various reasons, I had quit from my job at a very senior level position.  I am professionally qualified and have more than 20 years of work experience.  Since then I was on the look-out for another job, but did not succeed.  As time passed by I was getting a bit frustrated with this process, as I was either getter rejected for being over qualified or over experienced or they are unclear why I quit my prestigious previous job.  

As I was getting more and more involved in Swamiji's daily bagavata discourses, I searched the net, from my home computer to findout more about swamiji and chanced upon the Nama Dwaar site with a link to request prayers.  This incidentally was on 16-Feb-11 and I had am important interview on the 17-Feb.  Although I am yet to know the results of this 17-Feb interview, as a matter of surprise, based on my earlier interviews, I received a phone call informing me of my selection as "Director - Finance, Administration and IT" of a UK based organization for their New Delhi office!!

Swamjis blessings were conveyed to me through an email on the 23-Feb, which incidentally is the day I joined in tne new job!!

As I already responded to that email, I dont know exactly when my request prayer was read out to Swamiji.  But, I am of the firm conviction that it was instantaneously conveyed to him, and I was instantaneously blessed by Swamiji with a job.

I wish to remain a true devotee of Shri Krishna and HH forever in my life and with His blessings I look forward to a chance for a personal meeting with Sri Sri Swamiji.


New Delhi - 110 030

Archana, Bangalore

I had to suffer a few years with a horrible case against me. Guruji had promised me that the final settlement would be favourable. We went through mediation procedures to settle things off court. But because of the fact that the opposite party's sole intention was torchuring me, he was asking for rediculous things as settlement like for example 10 crores. Once I told Guruji that this case is going forever (3 years) and that I want peace of mind and prefer off the court settlement. Guruji said ' but I told you final settlement will be favourable'. But I insisted that peace of mind is what I prefer. I told him the opposite party is totally non-cooperative and is very stubborn. Guruji said - your prayer will be answered. In less than 2 months, this party accepted for off the court settlement for the same as what we had imagined. THANKS TO GURUJI for convincing even a person so adament. Every day of my life is filled with Guruji's grace. If we want something, all we think of is Guruji. I recently wanted to switch jobs, and Guruji made that happen.

As Guruji always tells, life will have ups and downs, but to keep things neutral all the time, you must say Nama. Nama is miraculous. Every person on earth should say nama everyday. The good thing is - you don't need to be at a specific place or time to think of Guruji or say and think of Nama. From ignorance to elegance is what I name the experience after meeting Guruji. I did not believe in spiritual circles earlier. Now Guruji has completely transferred this. He has transformed me. Guruji is Krishna. Try the experience for yourself!! I am confident that things will turn around for you!