A devotee from the town of Ambur in Tamil Nadu reports...

Smt Shanthi hails from Nellurpettai, Gudiyatham town. Her husband Sri Shanmugam is a weaver by profession. This simple couple have been blessed with three sons and a daughter, all of whom are married and make a living as weavers. Their youngest son Mr Jnana kumar got married to Ms Sudha from Erode about 2 years ago and were living happily. They were blessed with a boy named Ganapathy. Even as the life of the young couple was going on smoothly, a small issue crept up.

Smt Sudha wanted her husband to quit weaving and go with her to Erode where her parents would find him a better job. The self content person that he was, Jnana kumar was not willing to do so. He said, "Why should I quit this job, which is our family profession? The life is so simple and peaceful" What began as a tiny issue gradually broadened into a very big rift. Smt Shanthi tried to pacify her daughter-in-law by telling her she would somehow convince her son to go to Erode to find a new job. Seldom do we find such understanding people who would go any length to avoid a rift. But the daughter-in-law was very impatient and went away to her parents' place with her child.

A very dark cloud of sorrow surrounded this once-happy-family. It was in this juncture that Smt Shanthi heard about His Holiness Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji's Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Nama Bhiksha Kendra and the mass Maha Mantra prayer meet they had organized in Chennai on 1 st Jan 2007. She came there with the devotees from Vellore and chanted the Maha Mantra with fervor alongside the thousands of devotees who had gathered for the Kirtan with Sri Sri Swamiji in the lead. The only prayer that was in her heart was that her son's family should be reunited as before.

Subsequently, when Sri Sri Swamiji visited Gudiyatham, Smt Shanthi want to have darshan at a devotee's residence where Sri Sri Swamiji had halted temporarily. Sri Sri Swamiji was surrounded by devotees and Smt Shanthi stood outside the window where Sri Sri Swamiji was seated with tears in her eyes and Nama in her tongue. She was hesitant to go near Sri Sri Swamiji and wondered if her mental prayers would be heard by Sri Sri Swamiji. It did! Sri Sri Swamiji suddenly turned and looked at her. Smilingly, He beckoned her to come near by and asked her why she was crying. Smt Shanthi narrated the whole story. In his usual kindest tone Sri Sri Swamiji told her "Chant the Maha mantra! Very soon, your daughter-in-law and grand child will come back home!"

Smt Shanthi was overjoyed. She went home, picked up the "Hare Rama………" sticker she has received on Jan 1 st in Chennai and chanted all the time. Nine days passed by. On the tenth day, relative of Smt Sudha met with an accident and was hospitalized in Gudiyatham. Smt Sudha and her son came there to meet him. Something struck Smt Sudha's mind and she decided to meet her in-laws.

At home. Smt Shanthi was chanting the Maha Mantra and what a miracle! Just as Sri Sri Swamiji has told her, her daughter-in-law and grandson were at the door steps. She could not believe her eyes. She was overjoyed and overwhelmed by the power of the Maha Mantra. Smt Sudha fell at Smt Shanthi's feet and apologized for her behavior. Smt Shanthi took her to the pooja room and made her prostrate before the Maha Mantra sticker which has an image of Sri Sri Swamiji.

Happiness is back again in this simple family and they chant the Maha Mantra with joy. In their own words "Sri Sri Swamiji is always with us when we chant the Maha Mantra. So why should we worry at all about anything?"

Sri Balaji of our satsang (popularly known as 'Paattu Balaji') conducted a Nama Kirtan satsang at Karaikudi on on Friday the 30th of March'2007.   The satsang involved Maha Mantra Kirtan and mass prayers.  

When the Mass Prayer was on, some students from the nearby college attended the same along with their lecturers and professors. A few lecturers who participated in the mass prayer prayed for their job security as their jobs were of temporary nature and they were about to get terminated that very same day.  Their career was dangling and they had no hope, save for a miracle.

With staunch faith and confidence, they prayed to the Lord whole heartedly with Maha Mantra Kirtan.

One of Sri Sri Swamiji's composition glorifies the Lord as

'tat kshaNa rakshaNa NAma vaibhava'  which means,

'The Lord who saves his devotees the INSTANT HIS NAME IS CHANTED.

As an illustration of this composition of Sri Sri Swamiji, the Lord immediately came down to shower His grace -- Those lecturers who had gone back after their Nama Kirtan prayers got their permanent appointment letters within couple of hours after the chanting of Maha Mantra at the Mass prayer!

The satsang coordinator of Karaikudi announced about this miracle during the evening satsang at a different place. People who listened to the experience of these lecturers were enthralled by the power of the Maha mantra.

Sant Kabir says that God definitely answers those who pray at the time of difficulty but also adds that in order that misery never approach,  one should keep praying to Him continuously by chanting his Name.

Our Kovoor devotee narrates this --
We, the devotees of Sri Sri Swamiji in Kovoor formed an organization called "Sri Muralidharadass Satsang" to regularly chant the Maha Mantra and also propagate the same to all corners of our village. We assemble every Satuday at Sri Karunakaraswamy temple here, and chant the Maha Mantra between 7 and 8:30 pm. Sri Sri Swamiji has Himself visited this place and blessed us with prasad, back in March 06. Tirumangai Azhwar has glorified this 1400 year old temple-deity.

Sri Sundareswarar temple ( Sri Thiyagaraja Swamigal has composed the 'kovoor pancharatnam' unto this deity of Lord Shiva) and Sri Karunakaraswamy temple are under the control of HR&CE of the Tamil Nadu Government. Permissions for consecration has been granted for these two temples after about 32 years.

The groundwork for consecration started in the Shiva Temple a little ago, however the other temple was neglected, which pained us a lot.
We decided to place this request to the Lord Himself and performed a Maha Mantra Kirtan on one Saturday specially praying for the Kumbhabhishekam of this temple.

And the miracle 'had to' happen!

Within 15 days, we received a good news that some volunteers have come forward to take responsibility for the consecration!

Sri Sri Swamiji often says the the Lord gives Himself unto Nama Kirtan. In this case, it is proved that the Lord demands Maha Mantra Kirtan for His own well-being!

Sri Kathiresan and his son Sri Nehru and their family have devoted their life to the propagation of Maha Mantra Kirtan in Tuticorin, a city Sri Sri Swamiji fondly refers to as 'Nama Muthu Nagar'. They have taken up, on their shoulders, the arduous task of taking Maha Mantra to the nook and corner of the city.
They own a cashew factory in the city and have installed a "Hare Rama.." chanting audio-player in the workplace.  Thus they ensure that the sweet and divine melody of the Maha Mantra not only reaches the employees' ears day-in an day-out, but also spur them to chant it involuntarily as they labor through, increasing the efficiency of their work!
The following is an incident from the life of Ms. Murugeswari, an employee in the factory -- an incident that moves many to tears...The mid-day sun was aglow while a draft of cool breeze occasionally swept the environ quenching the heat of the scorching sun.  The women employed in the cashew factory were busy with their work as the loudspeaker constantly spread the melody of Maha Mantra Kirtan into everyone's hearts.  In the corner of the huge hall was this woman, murmuring something to herself as she broke the cashews.  On approaching, her countenance shown brightly.  Murugeswari had a characteristic bucolic flavor, and led a humble household; her husband was a load-labourer.Murugeswari's son studied till 10th class and joined a workshop to earn for his living.  He was wedded at 23 and had a child too; his income failed to make their ends meet.  Giving in to the tempting words of a few, he decided to go abroad to earn his living and demanded Rs.35,000/- from his mother.  Murugeswari managed to borrow money at a huge interest rate and arranged the sum for him.  The quack who promised to get him abroad disappeared with the money putting the whole family in deep distress.Living on hardly a thin meal every day, the family struggled hard to pay back the borrowed sum.  They were unable to pay the interest, and in three years, the principal monstrously grew to Rs.65,000/- At this point, the family lost all hope of making a living.It was then that she and her husband got a job in the newly opened cashew factory.  The factory has a practice to start the day with Maha Mantra Kirtan.  Murugeswari chanted the Maha Mantra with all her mind and soul.
A day came when the chant had to bear fruits.  It was November 2006 and Sri Sri Swamiji visited Tuticorin.  It so happened that Murugeswari worked in the house where Sri Swamiji camped.  At one instant she fell at His feet and cried out her misery and Sri Sri Swamiji blessed her.That evening, a Nama Kirtan Mass Prayer meeting was held at Tuticorin and Murugeswari participated in this, chanting Maha Mantra with her heart and soul, tears filling her eyes.  Eighth day from then, the wonder happened.  On 28th November, her son flew abroad for work!  His employer finalized a contract in South Africa and posted him there for duty!  Today, the family is happy and he talks to them regularly over phone and has resolved most of their problems.   Murugeswari, with renewed faith, today, makes every other co-employee chant the Maha Mantra!
The sun of Nama has dawned in her life eternally dispelling the darkness of sorrows!

Download the letter that a devotee wrote in Tamizh language about this story

A devotee from the 'Nama' town of Ambur in North Arcot district of Tamizh Nadu joyously speaks thus...

"We have a good satsang here in Ambur and regularly go as a group and perform Maha Mantra Kirtan at people's homes every week.  That week, we had arranged for Maha Mantra Kirtan in one of our friend's place at 2:00 pm.  A few hours before then, we came to know that the house had been burgled the previous night, and substantial jewels and valuables had been stolen.

We were in a fix.  Reluctant to disturb the already-pained inmates, we spoke to Sri Sri Swamiji and asked for a suggestion.  Sri Sri Swamiji said that it was the apt time to perform chant the Maha Mantra as it did not mean to cause any disturbance to them nor any expenditure and that it is the audacious path treaded by so many Mahatmas.  With Sri Sri Swamiji's blessings, about 40 satsang members went to the house and chanted the Maha Mantra for a good 2 hours.  

The next morning the inmates, with tears in their eyes, called up Sri Sri Swamiji. It was tears of happiness  and excitement.  They were at a loss for words to convey that the very same night when the Nama Kirtan was performed, the thief was haunted by some fear and returned all the valuables back to the house begging for pardon!  

In addition to getting back the jewels, Nama has even purified the thief's heart!!!"

With an air of confidence he adds, "Please do not think that this is a rare miracle! Such miracles are commonplace in our town where incessant Nama Kirtan is performed!"

Are more words needed to underline the power of Maha Mantra?