Last  dec when it was anounced in namadwaar website about bhagavatha saphthaham at Sukrathaal, i immediately gave my and my wife's name for paticipation. At that time i was  working in north africa region. I was not sure how i could participate in the same as in that region where i was working our work permit was not renewed and if i were to go out i was required to go out on final exit which my company would not permitt, as i was the senior most experienced  person. To add to the problem my only subordinate wanted to go on leave in april for his sisters marriage. So even if my visa is renewed in time, i would still not be possible to attend the sukrataal programme in april, as i have  to give leave to my subordinate.

I was simply praying ( Chanting MAHAMANTRA REGULARLY) for partyicipation in the bhagavatha sapthham with my wife.

End dec civil disobedience started in one of the neighboring country which soon spread to 2-3 other countries, including the country  ( Libya) where i was working . By march we had to evacuate from there and i came back to india.

Almost every body got posting to another  place immidetialy after arrival. I was praying that i should not get any posting till i had participated in the sapththaam in end april. But i got a call for a new posting in mid april and was asked to be ready by end april . I was worried that we may not in a position to participate. But my visa was delayed and my wife was reluctant to come because of health reason. But my prayer was answered and we could participate in the sapththaham, having bath in ganges daily, haridwar/ rishikesh visit etc and   she also got relieve from her trigger finger problem due to diabetic condition while we were in sukrathaal itself.


Venkatatesh Jambunathan, Congo

I used to read a lot from namadwaar website and was not a regular chanter of mahamantra. During by recent visit to Premika Bhavanam in June 2011 and meeting Ramuji in Mumbai, I came to know more about swamiji and got his cd's. I started chanting Mahamantra on daily Basis. The grace of Guruji, and Mahamantra has really worked, because an unexpected thing happened in my life. The Pundit in the Swaminarayan Temple here in Lubumbashi went to India because he got Lakshmi Devi born in his house and it was his annual leave time also. The temple management chose me to Perform Morning and Evening Aarti in Temple. I had no words as there are people staying for years in this city and I just completed 1 year in this city. This is purely the grace of Guruji and Mahamantra that a Ordinary person like me has been entrusted this task of Krishna Seva.

R. Gurumurthy, Bangalore

By the Grace of our beloved Master, we started the Nagara Sankeertan during the “Margazhi”  month  in the year 2008, which was such a blissful experience to all who participated. The Satsang group decided that we should continue this every Sunday and by His grace, the Malleswaram Satsangh has been doing Nagara Sankeertan every Sunday thereafter.

It has become a regular feature every Sunday for the 5th Main and 6th Main residents as we start our Nagara Sankeertan from the Kanchi mutt @ 7 am  and one could observe that they wait eagerly to the enchanting music of MahaMantra and come out of their homes and balconies and join us in chanting the Mahamantra.

I would like to share one regular feature of our Sunday Nagara Sankeertan.  There are several flower vendors in these roads and they too wait eagerly for the MahaMantra chanting. As we approach them, they rush forward to garland our GURUNATHAR ( as we carry a picture of our Swamiji ) .  This is really a  treat to watch.  This scene every Sunday takes my mind to a very popular picture of SRI CHAITANYA MAHAPRABHU where he is singing Mahamantra during a Nagara Sankeertan and some flower vendors rush to garland him.

It is now a very firm belief of these vendors that one garland that they offer with Bhakti to HIM  ensures  a roaring business through the week for them.

All of us eagerly wait for Sunday to dawn, as we begin our week enjoying the nectar of Mahamantram  and  relive the scene depicted wonderfully in the Mahaprabhuji's nagara kirtan picture.

Malleswaram, Bengaluru

Srinivasa Raghavan Rangarajan, Chennai

I share my experience of chanting the Mahamantra.  I was not good in my studies in my twelfth standard.  I felt very bad and worried. At that time, I came to know about swamiji and Mahamantra Kirthan.  I started to chant the mahamantra from September and also had a chance to meet Sri Swamiji in the ashram and got His blessings.  Sri Swamiji said not to worry.  Then I attended mass prayer in 2006 at Vani Mahal.   I secured 1066 out of 1200 when all my previous scores in my school has never crossed 920.  That was a great miracle.

Secondly, I got admission to a very good college and now, I am pursuing my final year B.E. I still chant mahamantra everyday during my travel and at home. Last week I attended campus interview but could not get through in the first company. But ,i did not lose my hope.  I thought that Mahamantra and Swamiji's blessings will definitely help me. I got a second chance to attend placement in a top IT company. On the day before I was not able to study properly because of headache.  In the evening I went to temple and came home, chanted Mahamantra and went to sleep.  On the previous day I just solved the sample paper of that company.  On my interview day ,I got most of the questions of my sample paper, its all magic of mahamantra!  I cleared my aptitude round.  I prepared with confidence for the next day technical and HR interview. Believe  me, the interviewer asked me only the questions which I had studied and I got through my technical and HR interview! Now,Iam placed in that company.

Its all Swamiji's blessings and Mahamantra kirthan which has brought me the success.
radhe radhe!
Srinivasa Raghavan Rangarajan

I had an incident that happened during our vacation to India. At Chennai, we had darshan of Swamiji at Premika Bhavanam.  We also went to Sri Kelappan uncle's house (Sri Kelappan is one of Sri Swamiji's devotees who lives close to Premika Bhavanam)  that evening on the way to my native place Pernampet.  Kalappan uncle gave his visiting card that I kept in my wallet.

I lost my wallet on the way from Chennai to Pernampet.  We stopped near Vellore to rest and that is when, my wallet slipped out of possession without my knowledge.  It was late in the night around 11 pm.  We searched the place and could not find it.  We complained to the police and also ended up cancelling all the credit cards.

The next day we got a call from Kellapan uncle that someone found my wallet.  It was a youngster from a very nice family who found the wallet.  We contacted them and met them to collect the wallet.  They were 3 brothers staying with their mom.  The youngest one found the wallet. They saw Guruji's picture in my wallet and wanted to help us immediately.  One of the brothers is Guruji's follower.  They also had a noble thought of an NRI not to think bad of India.  We are very thankful!

That was undoubtedly a divine intervention!

Thulasi Narayanan
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

chandrasekaran a r, Pune

In my visit to the Holy place of Madhurapuri Ashram on  25th June 2011, had the blessings of Swamiji with Guru Mantra and was advised to chant Rama Nama always (sada sarva Kalamum) . since,then I have been regularly chanting, 1) Jay Jay Rama Krishna Hari, 2) Hare Rama  Hare Rama,Rama Rama Hare Hare ,Hare Krishna Hare Krishana Krishna Krishna Hare Hare 3) Rama,Rama.  On 8th July, while driving the 2 wheeler while chanting the Nama smran , i heard a thunderous sound, and realized I was hit from the Behind by a Big Four wheeler and in turn I dashed against the vehicle in front of me in the pouring Rain for no fault of minel . My vehicle was damaged . However, I realised that I was saved by power of Namasmran. Jay Guruji.

chandrasekaran a r


Started Nama Kirtan only after coming to USA. Casually, I attended Sat Sangh held in Hartford. Attendees were young people. I have also started Nama Kirtan thenceforth.For Our daughter's marriage I wrote a Prayer request and Swamiji has BLESSED which now has given asurabalam. I shall increase my prayer further for His Grace!


Suman, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

On the 26th of May 2011, I sat for my mathematics paper.Before continuing with my paper,I chanted the Maha Mantra.

I could do almost all the question without much problem except for 2 questions that looked a little complicating.So,I completed all the other easier questions in order to spend more time figuring out the method used to solve that two questions.
The first question that i could not do still looked very vague to me because of the complex diagram.Hence,I left that question and went to the 2nd question.

I was trying to figure out how to complete the 2nd question and somehow I managed to complete this question with ease because I looked carefully at the information given and found out that I was just using supposed to use calculus to find out the answer.
After completing this question,I went back to the first question that i could not complete.However,this question still looked very tricky and i was pressured the clock was ticking and i only had half an hour more to go.  Without further ado, I chanted the Maha Mantra silently and uttered the word Krishna only.

Within a matter of two to 3 minutes,I could intrepret the diagram in my mind and I manage to figure out the method used to solve the calculation.I was just awestruck when all the concepts of trigonometry and circular theorem started flowing in my mind and I was able to complete the question before.

Suman, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Krishna, Chennai

I used to visit this site regularly and read articles. I was searching for a job after 3 years break and was not getting it.  I requested for prayer on April 6th and recited Nama daily. Surprisingly I got a call from my previous company last week for which I didn't apply. Today I got the offer. I am very happy and thanks to Guruji and Krishna. I don't have words to express my happiness. Thank you very much Guruji and Krishna.

Krishna, Chennai

Kishore, Atlanta

Last week we faced one of the toughest periods in our life. Trouble came one after another within a week's time.

I need to mention, that I had an accident in the month of FEB where my car totally got damaged and I did not get hurt. I was thinking about Guruji seconds before I was hit. The car parts that got damaged were less than a feet of a distance from my legs. I had no doubt Guruji's smarana saved me.

1. As we had accident in Feb, We purchased a new 7 seater car. Last week, we parked the car near parking lot and was loading some things. One American guy (David) took his car out of garage and hit straight on our rear side. We haven’t still come out of the accident in Feb and here was another one in a new car. The guy who hit requested me not to call cop and he will fix my car on Monday as it was SAT evening. I felt i should be kind to him and I agreed, though it’s a big risk if he cheats me or decide not to pay.

On Monday, I was asked go to a body shop and was waiting for him. The body shop owner said, it will take six days to repair. When I informed David, he said he can pay only for repair and I need to manage one week's worth of rental car expense. I felt so perplexed and asked him, "you want me to pay, for your mistake", he bluntly said YES. Being all weekdays, the rental would go up to 400 dollars. I was praying intensely to Guruji as I did not know what to do. When I called David, he suddenly said, I will pay 100$ for rental. I felt it’s surely Guruji's mercy for his change of heart. Then called rental and an Indian guy (Patel) turned up. He asked about my car and I told the story. He felt sorry for me and he helped me get a very considerable rate. I took rental for three days.

2. On the evening we took rental, we went out to purchase some plants. When we returned around 09:00 PM, we realized we did not bring house keys and the house is locked. We did not have any spare keys and was on road for more than an hour... Again, I prayed Guruji and suddenly it struck me that when I was in India, my friend stayed for few days. Though he gave the keys back, just thought will give a try and called him. Fortunately, he made spare keys while he was staying here and kept it at his home. we went and got the keys.

3. The very next day, while we were driving back home in our rental car, cop caught me though I was driving in 30 miles/hour. I already had a ticket and havent payed it off yet. I cannot afford to have another ticket.. Again, I prayed Guruji intensely while cop took my license...Then cop came back and gave a warning instead of ticket..

4. With all the above, I also had an issue in office which was not getting resolved for more than 20 days. Today morning my manager told strictly that this issue needs to be fixed before we do migration this sunday. since the situation is getting serious, I prayed Guruji seriously. Then was trying some options similar to what i had tried 100 times in the past several days.. to my surprise that TRY turned to be the solution...even now its unbelievable how we missed that option when we tried all these times and how it struck after praying to Guruji....

After all this, when we see in higher sense, all I can think off is "Guruji is our Saviour" and his smarana and taking his shelter in all situations will relieve us from all miseries. All the instances made me feel as if we have been saved just like how gopas/gopis got saved by Lord Krishna every time when they got attacked by demons sent by Kamsa.

My anantha koti namaskarams to our beloved Guru Maharaj who is our eternal savior!!!

Jai Sadhguru!!!

Radhey Radhey

Kishore, Atlanta