Sridevi Ramanan, USA

My friend, Satya, who resides in Virginia,USA participates actively in our regular weekly satsangs.She was little sad when I spoke to last month.Her daughter who was 6 year old suffered from vision problem from her child birth.Satya had taken her daughter to couple of eye specialists from her birth till now.Recently the kid's pediatrian suggested Satya to check her daughter's vision with an eye specialist and had mentioned that the eye problem is severe now and child might need to undergo surgery immediately.Satya was upset when she happend to hear this. Adiyen asked her to chant Mahamantra 11 times before going to eye check.She and her child chanted Mahamantra with full faith.The next day, she called up and happily informed me a sweet news that the eye specialist have asked the child to have powered glasses for next few months and specialist might check back again and decide as what needs to be done based on child's eye condition.Also specialist had not mentioned even a word about surgery.We were all so excited after hearing this.Mahamantra chanted even few times also, makes wonders.We truly realised that to chant Mahamantra is no restriction of place,time etc.Prayers made from anywhere will be answered. Our humble pranams to the lotus feet of our GuruMaharaj!

Radhe Radhe
Sridevi Ramanan
Richmond VA

Respected Swamiji, Few weeks back, we came to the Ashramam and prayed for my son's marriage alliance. The Prayer is answered with your blessings immediately. My son's marriage got fixed and he got married on 30-Jan-2012.Thanks for your blessings.

Yours faithfully,
Poongodi Gunalakumar
Pudur medu, Tiruvallur District. TamilNadu.

After chanting MAHA MANTRA i am experiencing a lot. I even sent my request and GURUJI blessed me accordingly.

After chanting MAHAMANTRA now i am feeling better. On September 1,2011 i had some problem and it continued for so many days and i started chanting MAHAMANTRA seriously and all of a sudden i am not having that problem. I am happy that now i am not having that problem but still i have little problem as i experienced bad situation but my chanting continued and it is really giving me an tension free life if chant MAHAMANTRA.  When ever i am in tension i am chanting. Last month our brother met with accident and all our sisters and parents started chanting MAHA MANTRA and now our brother has recovered and some times he has problem. Anyway i am happy to chant MAHAMANTRA.


K.Y. Raman, Singapore

Our Humble pranams to our Gurumaharaj.
It happened last Friday 13/1/2011. I had just returned home from my office around 6 and was thinking of quitting my present job due to a stressful project that i have had to handle in recent years. Immediately i called up a devotee of Sri Swamiji to seek Our Gurumaraaj's divine intervention.  He patiently heard my pleading and asked us to chant the divine Nama for half an hour and ask for "request prayer" in NamaDwaar. He also told that he will carry my words to our Gurumaharaj.

As told, immediately we chanted the divine nama for half an hour, like we used to chant every day.. To MY SURPRISE, i was relieved from the present project unconditionally. It was just happened this Friday 20/1/2012. What a miracle!

ITS all OUR GURUMAHARAAJ'S DIVINE BLESSINGS and miracle of mahamantra...

- K.Y.Raman

Lakshmi Mahesh, USA

Radhe Radhe,

On our recent trip to India, we were fortunate to have dharshan and blessings of our Guru Maharaj many times at Premika Bhavanam and Madhurapuri Ashram. We would like to share one interesting anubhava happened during our stay in Trichy.  

On 21st November 2011, being Ekadasi day, by Guruji's grace we happened to visit Trichy Namadwaar and was fortunate to witness tirumanjanam of Radha-Krishna deities. We were there for couple of hours chanting the Mahamantra along with other devotees. At the end, when it was my turn to get thulasi theertham, Bhagavathadasji closed his eyes for a moment and told me that "Bhagawan wishes to come to your house and let me know your convenient time so that we can come home”. For a moment I was awestruck and at loss of words. After discussing couple of dates, I asked him if they could come to our house the same evening. And he said yes @ 4.00 P.M today. We both came back home around 1.45 P.M and informed my in-laws about Bhagawan's visit and they were equally thrilled and excited. In the next couple of hours we were all very busy getting our house prepared for Bhagawan's visit on Ekadasi.

Meantime around 3.30 P.M, a north-Indian (Hindi speaking) old lady beggar with torn clothes came in front of our house asking for water. My mother-in-law gave her a bottle of water and came in. Within few minutes she again prompted asking for more water. My mother-in-law went inside to get some of her old sarees and gave it to her. She also got bananas, roti and dhal for her to eat. She happily ate them, wiped her hands on the floor making that place untidy and asked for more water. This time, my mother-in-law came out with a big vessel full of water and kept near her. Our neighbours got little uncomfortable by seeing her acts and tried to drive her away but she refused to move from the entrance of our house. It was past 4.00 PM and we were all ready with few of our neighbours to welcome our beloved Radha and Krishna deities.  

As soon as Bhagawan came to our house, this old lady prompted that she wishes to come in to our house. My father-in-law asked her to come in and said if we all have the right to have Bhagawan’s darshan, so does her and let her come inside and sit in one of the corners. Everyone started chanting the Mahamantra for about 45 minutes. After that Bhagavathadasji gave a beautiful pravachan on Sabhari Moksham and the greatness of Rama Nama. The satsang came to an end after distributing prasad to everyone including this old lady and Bhagawan left home few minutes later. To our surprise, this old lady waited till Bhagawan left, came out blessed all four of us by raising her hands and left home without anyone asking her to leave.

Right after coming inside, we all felt it was none other than Sabhari who had come to our house to witness the entire episode and bless us all.

Pranams to the Lotus Feet of our Guru Maharaj for giving us Mahamantra and Satsangs in our life.

Jai Sadguru!!                        

Laxmi Mahesh


Two months back,  I attneded Sri. Ramanujamji's satsangs at Coimbatore, Ram Nagar,  Sri,Ramar Temple Mandapam.  Before leaving to home  I talked with Sri. Ramanujamji and told about my wish that we are very eagerly expecting Sri Sri Swamiji's visit to Coimbatore and also conveyed our prayer for the same.  On 01.01.2012, When myseif with my family members were attending the MASS PRAYER at Sastry maidan, the joy and pleasure  in our mind have no limit to express.

Natesan, Cuddalore

Radhe Krishna!
You are all aware of the severity of the recent storm Thane that hit the coast of Cuddalore.  We were left without water and power supply for days together. It was suffering, and suffering throughout.  The power was supposed to be restored only by 20th of January!

At this juncture, a special prayer request was sent to our Guru Maharaj to a devotee of His.  To our surprise, the power and water were restored by 9:00 pm on the 4th of Jan!  In addition, we also received free milk packets!

We submit our pranams to our Gurunath and request more blessings to other Cuddalore citizens also so that they can too, get rid of their sufferings.


Velumani, Vellore

My name is Velumani and I am a construction worker. I hail from a small village called Singalpadi near Vellore District of Tamil Nadu.  Even after four years of marriage, my wife Vijaya and I did not have a fortune of being blessed with a child, even after taking medical treatments.
Once I had been to the residence of Sri Manikkam Mudaliyar (who is our Swamiji's devotee and a staunch proponent of the Mahamantra) for a construction work.  I told him about my sorrow and he advised me to continue to chant the 'Hare Rama...' Mahamantra regularly and that there are absolutely no rules and regularions in chanting the Divine Name.  I would keep performing Mahamantra Kirtan as I was at work and my wife followed suit as well.  

During the last February, (5th and 6th of the month), we learnt that our Swamiji was visiting Gudiyaatham to confirm the same, we went to Sri Manikkamji's house, where we had the darshan of His Divine Padukas and placed our prayers there.  Later, Sri Swamiji also arrived in Gudiyathamm, but even amidst the huge crowd, we had His darshan and He gave me an apple and asked us to partake of it. About twenty days later, during a medical examination, we were told by the gynecologist that my wife indeed bore an embryo in her womb!

And on October 2nd this year, at about 6:00 am, my wife gave birth to a baby girl through a normal delivery without any complications.  It is truly our Guru Maharaj's Prasada, and the prayers at the Lotus feet of the Lord and the Padukas of our Guru Maharaj that bestowed this bundle of joy to us, who, we consider to be none other than Radha Devi Herself.  The very smaranam of Him who is an ocean of compassion grants our prayers instantly!


Sri Raman Thakur attended Sri Ramanujamji’s Bhagavata Saptaham in the UK.  He writes a beautiful Anubhavam of his, which happened soon after listening to the Saptaham...

I wanted to THANK YOU for giving me such a wonderful experience.  For many years I have been a bit lost in the world but listening to Bhagavatam has put me on the right path!
It was said that if you make 1 minute for Bhagwanji then he will give you an opportunity for 2 mins....and how this has proven true with me just in the last week!!
I am doing prayers in my heart but I do not know how to explain that, but heart of hearts, I feel it.  And by His grace, I was able to attend the Bhagavata Saptaha at Geeta Bhavan Mandir.

I had a big headache which was that I wanted to get a job in the Surveyor Profession.  For two and half years I have been doing voluntary experience with no success of full time employment.  I recently applied for a government job and by the grace of God I was given the job to start in the New Year.  My family and all my friends are sooooooo happy for me!!  I remember the Maha Mantra that I was fortunate to listen during the Saptaham and Sri Guruji’s PICTURE is in my suit pocket next to my heart.  He was there when I attended the interview and all went well!

I will always remember and pass on the teachings that is mentioned in Bhagavatam!

Raman Thakur