Hari Om,
On this janmastami celebrations there in ASHRAMi offer my praams to kunjavihari and my guru.The thirumanjana vaibhavam was so nice to watch .Sri swami performing the thirumnajanam and often looking so close at kitta and radha and enjoying the loveable kitta and his sakis beauty.His making the sandal kreetam for both of them and then binding them together with the jasmine floral rings and performing the abhisekham so that the all pervading paramatma also bind us all with his love and grace.
as for the pojka after the alankaram of kitta and radha with diamond kreetam and uniting them together with the GOLDEN MALA was so lovely.Each event was so superb and the namavalis and songs in the background all made us feel that we belong here only.Bagyavan those who witnessed it.iDasamaskanda parayanam and birth of kitta by the sishaya of ji at the time marathi was nice.How many sishyas who read the bagavatham and narrate the same so many young people who have taken keen interest in bagavatham all due to his grace only..My namaskaram to guru may he bless me and my family with his grace so that i continue to be in the satsangh. Namaste ji.

RR, last two photo links are pointing to same set of photos. Could you please take a look. RR

Radhe Radhe

Sri Guruji and Maduri Saki samedha Sri Premika caravan dharshanam and Utsavam brought to Minneapolis. Aho bhagyam
Radha Radhe

Thanks a lot for sharing the divine moments with all of us. Wonderful treat for eyes indeed. My humble Pranam at the Lotus Feet of our beloved Guruji!


Radhe Radhe

Eager to watch the video as I am away from Chennai

Radhe Radhe
Chant Mahamantra and be peaceful

My humble pranams to the Lotus feet of Sri Sri Sri Muralithara Guruji on Krishna Jayanthi day. On this day I pray to the Supreme Lord Krishna to bless me to be in Guruji' s Satsang always. Oh Krishna please bestow your Divine Grace on me to take part in Krishna Jayanthi celebration @ Madurapuri Ashram. My heart blooms at the very thought of the same. Oh Krishna,The seven lettered nectarine word , your Divine Form, your Divine thought be always with me. Thanks to ND team for Sri Sri Muralithara Guruji's Bhakti yoga presentation. Pranams to Sri Sri Guruji ' s Lotus feet again & again
Radhe Krishna

Radhe Radhe! Bhakti Yoga summary write up on ND website is fantastic. Gives a taste for the nectar that many of us were unable to attend being so far away from the motherland! Thank you, Namadwaar!