wonderful spiritual site and find calmness in ourself whle going through the site.It is also very intractive and clarifying the questions of devotees for spiritual answers.

Humble pranaams to namadwaar sathsang

I am very much happy that
I was able to know about Gurudev's Divine experiences. always keeping in touch with the lives of great soul will
give us the courage to face the world . I was myself suffering from so much of confusion in my mind a mail received from
namadwaar was such a solace. The guru is always taking care of me I am yet to learn what my gurudev wants to teach.
may I always be bestowed with his Divine blessings.

Uma maheshwari

The Namadwaar site is very beautiful, especially its background(Krishna with his cow herd).I am receiving your newsgram. It is really beautiful. I was really missing Guruji's satsang(as i am at Mumbai). But now reading all the experiences of the devotees, is like a satsang for me now. I thank all the people involved in the development and support of this Site.

radhe radhe
nice web site to see our swamji's rare photographs,hearing lectures on line,about our satsang activities and gives us a feeling that i am sitting very close to our master

hats off to all peoples behind this tremandous work

looking forward to listen more in near future

ranga from ahmedabad

Rare is an oppurtunity to be with a True Master and Blessed are our lives to know one.

NamaDwaar website is a boon to us. It makes us live with our beloved Guruji every moment.

We are really enjoying this website. Everyday I can see the new thing and it is a SATSANG for us. Can you add some Bhajans done by our satsang members?
Radhe Krishna.

Namadwaar website is Simple to view, easy to understand, lots to learn.Great Site