Hari om. my kotikoti pranams to Sri swamiji.The thirunsnjanam with the bagavatham dasama skandam read by the sishya and Sri kanna fiksjitsr. swamiji performing the abhishekam bhava poorvakam with nodding his head on the namasankeethan decorating Radhe and kitta with sandal makut and binding them together with jasamne flowers and bound us all in prema bakthi what a lovely sightto our eyes.Krishna being carried by Ji. and putting him in cradle dancing around with the lkopikas. viji

hari om onthus janmashtami dark offer mykotikotipranams to karuasagara swamiji.His love towards the baktgas and love towards them is not comparable.The devotion the baktas have towards him is because of his simple way of leading them towards prema bakthi. premika vardan looked so lovely with the rose garlandand thulasi mala..Bakthi is this only.madura bakthi is this only I should say.swamiji has drenched all of us with his blessings in abundance.Namaste guruji. viji

Hari om on this day of janmashtami I offer pranams to my swamiji who is a Mahan.His love and compassion to all of us binds us in prema towards the liveable lord krishna.Madhura bakthi tiwards the madhura sakhi sametha prisha is what we all get by being in his satsangh.His downpour of blessings to all of us drench us in prema.marina Sahara karunya moorthe my logo logo pranams to you. viji

My humble namaskars to the Lotus feet of Sri Sri Sri Guruji on Janmashtami day. I'm not fortunate enough to be part of Nandotsav @ Madhurapuri Ashram today. I m thinking of that blissful event only Oh Krishna please bestow Ur blessings on me to take part in Brahmotsav celebration in the Divine presence of my Gurunathar at least for day. Pranams again& again. Hare Krishna

Sri Ramujis onebgoing pravachan on Beesma Stuthi is a great pravachan. No words to express the Divinity embedded in the Pravachan. we only do namaskarams to Sri Sri Gurumaharaj.

My Humble pranams to the Lotus feet of the Supreme Lord Krishna-The Teacher of the world on Guru Poornima Day. Oh Krishna, it is a real & rarest blessing that I found you in my Gurunathar"s Divine Form by chanting your Divine name. I offer my humblest prayers to my Gurunathar on this auspicious day and pray for His Divine Grace to chant your Divine Name more and more. Oh Krishna please bless me to serve my Gurunathar's Lotus Feet. Pranams again and again. Radhe Krishna

Dear Guruji, It is my earnest desire to have your darshan along with my family but the way circumstances are I wonder if I ever my desire will be fulfilled.. though I have not met you Guruji I am trying my level best to follow your preachings with a hope of a miracle meeting. Charan Sparsh and Sakshath Dandavat Pranam at your divine feet Guruji on this auspicious day of Guru Purnima. I know it is only you who will lead my family and me to Lord Krishna Guruji.

Hari Om, On this Guru purnima day I offer my humble pranams to the lotus feet of Guruji.His worda his madhurya bhavam his kind word for every one is enough for us to tide over every thing.Like the sruti for every singer the namamust be at the at the back of the mind altime is a way to lead this life.i am so fortunate I should say to have this Mahan as my guru and I should also say that it is a blessing of kitta only.His sankalpam is that evveryone is happy.

Kotanukodi namaskarams at your Lotus Feet Beloved Gurumahraj!!! Kangal imaikka marandhinum Kaadhugal kettka marandhidinum Vaai pesa marandhidinum Angamellaam asaya marandhidinum Gurunaatha manam endrum nin thiruvadiyai Maravaadhirukka arul puri{vaaye!!}yungal!!! Thangal thiruvadi nizhalil vasam thedum Annapurani G

Radhe Radhe Namaskarams. I wish to pray that if possible and convenient kindly webcast Sir Ramujis morning lecture again in the evening daily after Sri Gurujis pravachan for rehearing and to cover early office goers.