HARI om guruji saranam saranam.In this lunar eclipse day I ask for your kataksham and onepointed devotion .May the satsangh be ever in my mind and the nama be ever on my lips.In this time whatever we pray will yield multifold benefits.I pray for the peace and the satsangh grow more and more and honesty prevail everywhere.Namaste guruji. Viji

HARIOm My pranams to guruji. I need the grace of guruji with me always as you are everything yadhumahi ninrai thiruve.I chant the magamantra regularly and I am sure bagavan will give his blessings through ji.I wish for the same always krupa samudra an gurive Viji I

HARI OM. My namaskarams to guruji.The nama and nami are the same if the nama is ever on our lips we can have the darshan of kitta as God will surely show himself as said by narada to Dhruva as quoted by ji.Bagvan will rush to prove the word of guru.Since I have such a guru I am sure we all will be in the heart of kutta and have the darshan. Viji

Hark on my namaskaram to ji ji has said that we should have Anbu towards the almighty and that too like the gopikas meera and foremost Radha..His explanation how Andal was having bakthi towards kitta like Radharani and her role model was Radhe and how she became like Radhe a Hopi.Our love towards kitta should be such that avanai thavira anbu selutha veru eduvum.illai enru.Single minded devotion for which God will relent and we can see him.For that a Mahan only can show that bhava poorvakam I p

My humble namaskars to the Lotus feet of my Guruji on Vaikunta Ekadasi day. Oh Krishna, please bestow Thy Divine Grace to take part in Mahamantra celebration on the New year day Oh Krishna, Ur supreme Divine Name is very beautiful &I feel close to u when I chant Yet i. m so far in terms of Divine Darshan of my Masterji who has bestowed me the supreme Name. Namaskars again to Gurunathar's Lotus feet. Hare Krishna

Hari om, Namaste guruji.In His talk about bakthi and faith swamiji has told that one should have faith towards the aalmighty like a child which has immense viswasam that When a child offered the sarkarai pongal to the salagram with faith that Krishna will come and eat and kitta also came and ate..What a faith may kitta and the grace of guruji give me such dhida viswas and may I have the unalterable love towards Him and the prema bakthi towards lord and ji. viji

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hari I'm my humble pranams to the padakamalanfa of Sri swami Sri swamijs lap little Krishna is clinging like the bakthas clinging to him and swami just looking at the big Krishna holding him gives the message that he holds all our hearts I caught you all is the bhava I feel May we hold him bind him with our love and relish his hold .let us drench ourselves in premature Bathurst by His grace. Viji

My humble namaskars to the Lotus feet of my Gurunathar on His Birthday Oh Krishna ,your Supreme Divine Name has dawned in this KaliYuga with the advent of my Guruji on this day. Thank u KRISHNA​ for your tremendous Divine Grace. Thanks to ND team for Satsang updates with Divine pics of Guruji. Namaskars again. Hare Krishna

Humble Pranaams to the Lotus Feet of Guru Maharaj & dedicate below song pen down by the grace of Pujya Guruji:- அற்புதம் அற்புதம் மதுர ஸ்மரணம் பூஜ்ய குருநாதர் சரித்திரம் சுவாரஸ்யம் சுவாரஸ்யம் பக்த ஜன ப்ரியம் குரு லீலா அனுபவம் அம்ருதம் அம்ருதம் குருநாதர் கதா ஷ்ரவணம் பக்தர்களின் பாக்கியம் ஆனந்தம் ஆனந்தம் பணிந்திட குருநாதர் பாதம் நிலைத்திட நாவில் நாமகீர்த்தனம் குருநாதா குருநாதா குருநாதா