22nd July, was the much - awaited Grand Finale, the Madhuragitam Contest. It was a long-time dream of Namadwaar Singapore that the great works of our Master, Madhuragitam should reach the society of this island. Singapore Namadwaar worked together to bring together various music lovers to the fold of Madhuragitam. This contest has been conducted outside India for the first time and it is purely by His grace that totally more than 100 children aged from 5 to 14 participated. Finalists were from Sub juniors, Juniors, Seniors, Group category and Open group. It was a lovely experience to hear them sing the songs of our Master. Many music teachers have given encouraging feedbacks and were delighted to share how each song brings divinity and peace within.

Everyone in Namadwaar could relate the same sense of delight Swami Vivekananda would have had during His first overseas visit, in His mission to take His Master’s message to other parts of the world.