Our GURU Maharaj’s Vision and Mission of Universal Harmony and Inner peace through the Chanting of the Divine Names brought together many friends from different walks of life at Newtown on Sunday where we all chanted the Divine Names with team Kirtanam Kirtanam Sound and Mantra Meditation with Music with open hearts.

Sri Bhagyanathan Authimoorthi ji’s heart-felt sharing of the Universal Messages of Love, Self-worth, Compassion, Power of Mantra Chanting etc, as inspired by Sri GURU Maharaj – touched everyone to the core of their hearts. Friends who had never chanted before were captured by the his very personal address and thus took to chanting in a way which immersed and consumed everyone.

2 hours and no one left. Even after the session, everyone waited to meet Sri Bhagya ji, conveyed their heart-felt gratitude, some with tears. Sri Bhagya ji chanted and the group followed. – The Path of Sankirtan is truly universal, for all, without any barriers – we saw it practically at the Sacred Sounds Festival, a Memorable three days for all who were there.