Namadwaar Singapore went through a ‘ten-days of-blissful journey’ along with Dr.Janani Vasudevan from 14th July to 23rd July.

On the first day, 14.07.2017, it was a wonderful Introductory sathsangh at Namadwaar in the presence of Sri Premika Varadhan and Madhuri Sakhi and we sang a few Madhuragitam songs also.

On the second day, in the forenoon session, we had the preliminary rounds for the Madhuragitam Music Contest for the Juniors and Seniors with Dr.Janani as one of the judges. 30 individuals and 5 groups participated. It was very heartening to see the blessed young children sing the songs of our Guru Maharaj.

The second day evening saw the launching of the unique and rare program Leelanubhavam, depicting the Divine Experiences of our Guru Maharaj while He was immersed in the blissful bhakthi bhava, emerging as the Divine songs called Madhuragitam.  This was a public program held at the auditorium of Sri Sivan temple at Geylang.  The song selected was an invitation to all participants to recite the Divine names of God – Naamam solluvom Vareer. She brought parallels from the Lives of Mahans like Bhagavan Ramakrishna and Chaitanya Maha prabhu and narrated episodes from Puranas and Ithihasas to show that the chanting the Divine Names of God is the ultimate and absolute path to Reality. She narrated how beautifully Guru Maharaj emphasizes what all Nama can bring for us step by step, leading to the last stage of bhakthi, virakthi and Gnana too.

 From the third day Jananiji held us all firmly in this blissful mood at our Namadwaar premises to continue the Leela Anubhavam in front of our Divine couple. The next song was ‘Unnarulandri verondrum ariyene Kanna’. In this song, the need for one pointed bhakthi was illustrated which is attained by total surrender to one God or Guru, that too not by force but out of pure Love without any expectations.

Fourth day talk was on the lovely Madhuragitam ‘Nalla samayam idhai nazhuva vidadhe’. In this song Swamiji is giving us a warning that we should never waste this rare life we are blessed with – a human life with a satsangham and Guru Krupa – and Jananiji explained it with wonderful parallels from the verses of Viveka choodamani of Adi Sankara and Kalidharma undiyar of our Gurunathar and reinforced that we should chant nama, whenever we can, wherever we can and however we can and reach the Ultimate reality.

On the 18th, Jananiji was explaining the song ‘Nambi vandene Sundara Anjaneya’, a song by Swamiji on His friend Sundara Anjaneya of Bangalore. She explained how Anjaneya showed His saannidhyam there by forming His image out of clouds just when Swamiji was saying that a temple for Hanuman should be built in that particular land.  Once Swamiji experienced that Hanumanji was breathing and started reminiscing all His wonderful qualities and thus the above song emerged from Him.

The next one was the viruttham ‘sollamale solli’ dealing about how a uttama Guru changes one’s life gradually, and unknowingly, till we attain the final goal.  The narration was absolute bliss and brought tears from many eyes. In the very start she gave the wonderful consolation quoting Guru Maharaj, that once we reach a uttama Guru, just reminiscing and recounting our experiences with Him, thinking of Him, talking about Him and sharing the same with like minded people – Madhura smaranam and Leelanubhavam – itself is equal to reading or knowing Ramayanam or Bhagavatham or any other Puranam. In this viruttham Swamiji narrates how a Guru takes control over his disciple slowly, even without his knowledge, transforms him till he reaches Bhagavan’s feet.

On the 20th we had the last song of Leelanubhavam, a prayer song, ‘Elimaiyana vazhkai vendum’ that encompasses all that we require to achieve the purport of this life, that is God realization. Jananiji said these are the voice of God that comes to us through a Mahatma, as we are not capable of hearing them directly. In this song Swamiji prays for all that we need in this life, step by step till we reach a Guru, follow His upadesa and reach the final goal. In addition to this best package of prayers, Jananiji said we are one step ahead and blessed with Guru Kainkaryam also, which we should hold dear to our heart more than even Mukthi, as told by Thayumanavar.

On 21st July Jananiji majestically opened the topic of Sthree Sakthi and said that a woman is an embodiment of all divine qualities inherent in her including ‘power’ or sakthi and so does not need empowerment, but only need to realise what is already present in her.  She said Feminity and Elegance are not antonyms to power or strength. She strengthened her talk by quoting Swami Vivekananda and Subramania Bharathi. Jananiji was narrating incidents from the lives of Sant Meera Bai, Sabhari and Sarada Devi and what all qualities we can imbibe from them. Incidentally, it was also the aradhana day of Sarada Devi. Jananiji said Guru Maharaj used to say that the best position for a woman is to be friendly and in peace with herself, so that the external forces do not affect her. She quoted from the Bhagavad Gita ‘athmaiva atmano bandhu:’ that is the key to a happy life.  The talk was auspiciously concluded with the lovely Madhuragitam ‘pavithramai vaazhndhida arulvaye’, praying to the Universal Mother Madhuri sakhi who is Radha Rani, an embodiment of perfection.

In the morning session, Jananiji conducted a workshop on ‘Identify your passion and add purpose to it’, mainly for the Youth wing of Namadwaar to do kainkaryam in tune with their interest.

On the 23rd, we had the Gopa Kuteeram Camp for about 35 children in a beach-side villa, followed by an interaction with their parents on the subject ‘Social Media and its impact’. She also suggested that the parents should strictly fix a limit for the time their children spend on electronic gadgets and never relent on it on any account. This will automatically develop a discipline in them.