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18/11/2017 - 19/11/2017

With the boundless Grace of Guru Maharaj , a 2-day satsangh at Singapore Namadwaar with the consecration of the Holy Footprints of Guru Maharaj at Namadwaar on Karthika Amavasya day and a Retreat at Pair Ris.


The Satsangs at Australia started off with Madhura Utsavam at the Sydney Namadwaar.
Followed by 'Kalidharma Undiyar' lectures and Purapaadu of our Sri Swamiji's potrait.

As a part of the anniversary celebrations of the Sydney Namadwaar, the Sri Paadham of Guru Maharaj was inaugurated today.
This was followed by Madhurasmaranam. 


A lovely nama walk was organized at Bondi Beach Sydney


Ekadasi Satsangh and Mass prayer at Sydney Namadwaar yesterday by the grace of our Guru Maharaj