Headlines from places outside India

Sri Bhagyanathanji is visiting Malaysia between 22nd January 2017 and 29th January 2017, and Singapore between 30th January to 7th February 2017.

Photos and updates of visit will be posted in this space everyday.




Sri Poornimaji’s satsang, ‘Krishnamrutham’ took place at Melbourne between the 11th and 13th of November. Around 150 devotees attended and were drenched in the nectar of Krishna Leelas

On 20th November 2016 Poornimaji gave a discourse on Sant Tulsidas at Bowls Hall in Launceston, Tasmania. On the 21st and 22nd November 2016, Reality Retreat Meditation Workshop took place at Sydney. A mantra meditation followed by a talk by Poornimaji were blissfully relished by around 25 Australian devotees.

With the immense blessings and by the abundance grace of Gurumaharaj Muscat Satsangh 's 10th Annual "Mahotsav" was celebrated in a resplendent manner at the Muscat Krishna Temple Hall.

It was an eventful start with the Bhaktha Vijayam series by Sri. Ramanujam Ji. Topics of discourses were specifically chosen and blessed by our Gurumaharaj. Mahabhakthas, Sants and their path of devotion was a veritable feast for the ears. The day wise events were as follows: 

1.Sri. Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu - The hall was reverberating with the chanting of Mahamantra for an hour before the discourse.

2.Sri. Vallabhacharya Mahaprabhu 

3.Sant Meerabhai - her devotion to Giridhari

4. Sant Ekanath Maharaj- his one pointed devotion and Guru Bhakthi

5. Sant Namdev / Tukkaram Maharaj

6. Sri Panduranga Leela

7. Sri Bhadrachala Ramdas Maharaj

8. Sri Purandaradas Maharaj & 

9. Sri Andal, Sri Ranganath Ji Vivaha Mahotsav. 

With Sri. Ramanujam ji's wonderful and in depth narration of the charithras of the great Mahapurushas , one could visualise and immerse in Bhakthi and Krishna Prema.

The stage was beautifully decorated with vibrant flowers of divine fragrance, with the divine presence of Madhuri saki and Premika Varadha Takurji, our Gurumaharaj and beautifully decked Vishwavallabhan with resplendent vastram and jewellery. Portraits/ Murthies of the Sants and Mahabhakthas whose discourse was being rendered also adorned the stage. Every day's program started with bhajans, abhangs and Keerthans of the Sants and Mahabhakthas by various Bhajan groups of Muscat mellifluously presented and ended with Aarti and Dolotsavam.

On the 12th of November, Karthik Poornima day Tulsi Kalyanotsavam was celebrated in a grand manner with bhajans by Muscat Satsanghees’s children led by Suresh ji.

On 18th of November a divine-full procession of our Takurji and Gurumaharaj took place in a grand scale. Gopakuteeram children did one round of Swami Purappadu. This was followed by a magnificent Swami Purappadu in Garuda Vahana amidst ladies presenting kolattam and girls presenting a lamp dance and kolattam. Bhakthas rendered Madhura geetham, Ashtapathis and Vaishnavas chanting along fervently.

The penultimate finale was the grand Vivaha Mahotsav of Sri Andal and Sri Ranganath Ji. The Vivaha of the divine couple conducted as per Bhagavada Sampradaya was glorious and magnificent. Bhakthas of Muscat had the parama anugraham and Bhagyam to participate and immerse themselves in divinity which they will cherish forever.

From 8th November, our beloved Gurumaharaj Jayanti, Srimad Bhagavatha paarayanam of Dasama skandham was done by our Mahilas along with Sri Ramaswamy ji and Sri Ramu ji followed by synopsis of every day’s parayanam by sri Ramaswamy ji from Krishna Jananam to Rukmini Kalyanam. 

As part of social responsibility, there was a workshop on Anger management on 11th morning. Overwhelming response of 600+ attendees from various walks of life were really enjoyed the program. We have got amazing response and feedback on the content of the course. 

To motivate youths a youth leadership prog with a topic of “building inner strength” was organised on 19th morning. Close to 300+ students participated and the whole session was vibrating and interacting.

The Mahotsav drenched one and all in Guru Bhakthi and Krishna Premai.  " Guru is the one whose company arouses the urge to realise God, within every one of us" !