Dr Bhagyanathanji, Personal Secretary to His Holiness Maharanyam Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji delivered a 9 day lecture series in Tamil at Narada Gana Sabha, Chennai on Sri Swamiji's KALI DHARMA UNDHIYAR.

The blissful 9 days were mesmerizing and magical by the way in which Bhagyaji explained every word of the grantha with teachings of Sri Swamiji and divine incidents from Sri Swamiji's life. The packed hall was simply moved as Bhagyaji made each and every listener realize the compassion of Sri Swamiji, and the way He is guiding all of us under the umbrella of His Divine Love, and it finally brought out loudly and clearly Sri Swamiji's message for the people of this era.

Bhagyaji rationally explained every verse, that asserted the presence of God to non believers; conveyed that the purpose of this precious human birth is to attain God; the path chosen to attain God should be one that has been prescribed in the Vedas; among the ones prescribed in the Vedas, it is imperative that one chooses the path that is practical, simple and appropriate for the present age. So saying, he expounded how Sri Swamiji establishes that Nama Kirtan is the way to liberation in Kali Yuga.

Bhagyaji, clearly, by his practical examples, and humor that set the audience into riots of laughter, brought out the lovely message,