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The Pradishta Day of Brindavan Srinikethan Ashram was celebrated in a grand manner. The proceedings were led by Pammal Sri Balaji and Vrajadasji.




மல்லைமாமுந்நீர் அதர்பட மலையால் அணைசெய்து மகிழ்ந்தவன் தன்னை

கல்லின் மீதியன்ற கடிமதிள் இலங்கை கலங்க ஓர்வாளி தொட்டானை

செல்வ நான்மறையோர் நாங்கை நன்னடுவுள் செம்பொன்செய் கோயிலினுள்ளே

அல்லிமாமலராள் தன்னொடும் அடியேன் கண்டு கொண்டு அல்லல் தீர்ந்தேனே. (பெ. திரு.4-3-6)


sings Thirumamgai Azhwar in praise of this holy kshetra of Thiru Semponsai Temple at Thirunangur.

Thridanethra, the son of Kousika Maharishi performed an ashwametha yaaga in Treta Yuga, as a reward of which, the Lordship called Damodara incarnated at this holy kshetra. Since the Temple was constructed in Sempon, the Lord is called Thiru Sempon Arangan, and this kshetra is called Sempomsei.


In Dwapara yuga, Upamanyu, a disciple of Dhoumya, the guru of Pandavas, came to this kshetra Thirunangoor, also known as Palasavanam, to save his Guru's cows. He refrained from drinking milk from his Guru's cows and consumed milk of the Erukkam species, and lost his vision. As directed by his Guru, he performed penance in prayer to Thiru Sempon Arangan, who blessed him with vellappam. He wished to have it only after offering it to His Guru. Bhagavan was pleased and agreed. Dhoumya was moved by his Guru Bhakthi and accepted his offering and blessed him to be a master of all skills, and his vision was also restored.


In Kali Yuga, a man performed the japa of 'Namo Narayana' 32000 times in this kshetra as directed by a Yogi, and was blessed with wealth. Hence the Lord here is also called 'Pudhayal Kaattiya Pon Arangan' - The Lord who revealed treasure.


This kshetra, having bestowed prayers in all three yugas, worshipped by Lord Rama, and sung by Azhwars, bestows abundant blessings that Sri Ranganatha Perumal of Srirangam, Sri Venkatesa Perumal of Tirupati and Sri Varadaraja Perumal of Kanchi, would.


Jaya Hanuman Seva Trust, under the guidance of HH Maharanyam Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji performed samprokshanam on 15.11.200 at this holy kshetra and will be again celebrated on 23.11.2017.


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Around 1100 people were benefited by distribution of dengue medicines and awareness eye check up and free eye surgery was done for 26 members

The Annual GOD Clean up day was held on the 5th of November as a part of Sri Guruji's birthday celebrations by several Namadwaars and Satsangs.