Sri Swamiji's Satsangs

The Annual Mass Prayer will take place on 1 January 2018 between 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm at Arulmigu Kottai Mariamman Kovil Campus, Dindigul 624001


Sri Swamiji satsang at Sri Narasimhar Swami sannidhi, Ranipet- 15/11/2017

This is the 11th year celebrations of mahamantram chanting going on at this temple.



- Sri Swamiji inaugurated Ganga Enclave at Pammal. Vedic Pundits from Sri Sandeepani Gurukulam conducted Ganapathi Homam, Navagraha homam and Vasthu Homam

- Sri Swamiji performed Tulasi Kalyanam at Premika Bhavanam in the evening. It was a blissful satsang with Veda Parayanam and Kirtans.



- Sri Swamiji started from Chennai at 3:30 am to Thiruvannamalai Bhagavan Yogiramsurathkumar Ashram to attend a function there.

Sri Swamiji returned in the evening and took classes for students



Sri Swamiji took class in the morning for students at ashram. Sri Swamiji performed abishekam to Guru Padukas.

Sri Swamiji then did parayanam of rasa pancha adhyayi from Srimad Bhagavatham and also expounded a short lecture on the same. The students of Sri Sandeepani Gurukulam sang Rasa Leela Kirtans and performed Kolattam.



Sri Swamiji performed pooja at Madhurapuri Ashram in the morning and arrived at Premika Bhavanam therafter. In the evening, Shivakumar Murali delivered a lecture on Dhruva Charithram at Premika Bhavanam.



Sri Swamiji started from Premika Bhavanam to Senganoor. On the way, he visited Eri Kaatha Ramar Temple at Madhuranthakam.

Swamiji had a holy dip at Viraja Theertham at Sri Vaikuntanathan Sannidhi, Thirunangoor and proceeded to Senganoor



Sri Swamiji led the Rohini Nakshatra Sadguru Paduka Purappadu from Premika Janmasthan. Sri Swamiji then went to Senganoor Namadwaar, and expounded pravachan on Panduranga leela and led Mahamantra Kirtan

Sri Swamiji started to Thanjavur in the afternoon.

Sri Swamiji went to Sri Navaneetha Krishnan Temple where several devotees had gathered, and Sri Swamiji led Mahamantra Kirtan. Sri Swamiji then went to Bangaru Sri Kamakshi Temple. Sri Swamiji also visited the place which Sri Barath of Thanjavur has purchased out of his dear desire to donate it for the functioning of Namadwaar.



Sri Swamiji visited Kallazhagar temple, a divya desa at Madurai at 5 am in the morning. Having the darshan of His beloved Perumal, recited verses that signify absolute surrender to Perumal
Sri Swamiji then went to Thirumanliruncholai, where He did dhyana at the holy kshetra where Bhoopadeva did penance to secure Srimad Bhagavatham for the spiritual uplift of thepeople of Kali Yuga

Sri Swamiji then had darshan at Appan Thirupati temple

On his way back, he stopped at Natana gopala nayaki temple where the adhishtanam of great mahatma Natana Gopala Nayaki has been consecrated. Swamiji was very pleased to see bhakthas performing mahamantra kirtan there. He joyously joined them. He was even more delighted when he came to know that it was the Jayanthi day of the great mahatma, and that mahamantra kirtan is performed regularly there. To add to the divine coincidence and surprise, Sri Swamiji walked up to them and asked whether they are planning to renovate the temple and if everything was alright with the administration. The temple authorities were moved. They were chanting Mahamantra at the adhishtanam with the prime concern over some dilemma and issues regarding renovation and were praying for some kind of guidance. Sri Swamiji walked in at exactly the same moment and asked the same question voluntarily. They told Sri Swamiji their concerns and Swamiji guided them and chartered out the entire scheme of work, which gave them great relief

Later Sri Swamiji went back to Madurai ND, and rested.

Sri Swamiji reached the new Periyakulam ND in the evening to commence satsangs before the grand opening scheduled tomorrow. Smt Vijaya Rani and Smt Latha Devi handed over the keys to Sri Swamiji and the devotees performed pada pooja to Sri Swamiji.

Devotees at Madurai and Periyakulam are waiting in sweet anticipation for the grand opening of Periyakulam Namadwaar tomorrow.


The Namadwaar at Periyakulam was inaugurated by Sri Swamiji on 8th November 2017.