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Uma Ranganathan    [United States of America]  09/10/14   00:34:03   1
Message Dual power of Nama and Guruji

Nama is the messenger and Guruji is the all-pervasive care taker. Every second, Nama works like a soldier and rescues us from all situations, by passing it to Guruji. The past one month has been full of enormous things to do, all great things by Guruji' sgrace. but even good stress is stress, so Nama takes all the stress and tells it to Guruji, and he then takes care of every task, making sure that everything falls in place and is conducive for us.

One such example is today, when i am working on shifting to a new house. The day started with a lunar eclipse, and there was dosha for both my husband and me. we cheked the parihaaram, but couldnt get any of the ingredients in the US to do parihaaraam, so i worried and chanted this morning after getting up. An email then pops up, sent by a Krishna mutt, stating that the best parihaaram is to chant Vishnu Sahasranamam or the mantra that we ve been blessed with by our Guru. :) So Nama took care of it.
then, i lost the number of the movers company, and frantically trying to find it with nama. within 90 seconds of trying, my phone rings, and it was the movers company confirming the move :).
Thereafter, an office email crops up stating a legal issue that i need to take care of IMMEDIATELY, but was unable to go to office until lunch due to house shifting. So as usual got tensed, and chanted Nama. Exactly 18 minutes later, i got an email from the Legal department stating that this is their responsibility, not mine :).
and next, was trying to catch up with everything and forgot to eat. by noonhead was rolling a bit, but the office canteen was closed. so came to my desk chanting to curb the hunger, and when i opened the door of my office there was a note on my desk 'Please Join us for Lunch at the Texans meeting room, we re celebrating September birthdays'. Nama ki Jai :)
Finally, while leaving office, missed my id card somewhere and could not locate it. Without the id, cant get out of the building, so praying to Guruji with Nama, coz there s enough waiting to be done. Precisely 3 minutes later, a man with French Beard came out of the elevator, looked at my face and asked 'Are you Uma? your face matches the face on this id.', and showed my my id card. Guruji ki jai:)
and the day is not over yet, so waiting to unfurl more about the greatness of nama and Guruji. they make the most extraordinary situations ordinary, and the most ordinary experiences extraordinary.

Radhe Radhe!!

ramavani.    [India]  11/09/14   17:30:53   2
Message chaitanyakutiram at govindapuram can not be expressed. can be experiienced.recently i had been there. i felt it was vaikundam. if i get a flat over there i shall settledown and daily twice i visit the ramanama st. and do service whatever is given. guruji alone will bless.

Mythili Bala    [Australia]  01/09/14   05:04:54   3
Message Radhe Radhe

The 21st Brahmotsav video telecast was a feast to the eyes n ears. It was simply superb. Well done! Namadwar team. Many of us overseas were able to see the videos due to your dedicated service. All the days were very good. Highlights were Nandotsav,Ekadasi Darshan, Radha Kalyanam and Rathotsav. It was a beautiful Devine experience. Thanks again for the wonderful telecast.

Our Pranams to Guruji

Radhe Radhe

ganga    [India]  29/08/14   15:48:17   4
Message radhe radhe, Day: 8 - August 24, 2014
Evening : Janavasam with Nadaswaram

bhajan govinda govinda gopala radha raman was soothing

vijayalakshmi    [India]  28/08/14   15:32:36   5
Message Hari Om,
My namaskarams to swamiji. Ethanai tharam parthalum innum parka thonrum inda janavasamum bajanayum SO lovely the brahmotsavam. swagatham krishna and the namavalis also made us feel bliss.namaste gurji

M. SESHADRI    [India]  28/08/14   12:53:56   6
What to write? Everything GURUJI'S BLESSINGS ONLY. We are all leading a sound peaceful life due to GURUJI'S BLESSINGS ONLY. Nothing else. GURUJI is incarnation of SRI CHAIDHANYA MAHA PRABHU.

Sundar    [India]  28/08/14   10:13:28   7
Message காணக் கிடைக்க&... தங்கம், மதுரபுர&... உற்சவத்&... பத்து நாட்கள் ஒரே இடத்தில&... இருந்து எல்லோரு&... அருளை வாரி வழங்கிய குருவின&... மலரடிக்&...

காணத் தெவிட்ட&... குரு உரு ஒன்று

அதை அள்ளிப்&... கிடைத்த கண் ரெண்டே ரெண்டு

அவர்தம் புகழ் பாடும் பக்தர்க&... நிறைந்த&... உலகு மூன்று

அவர் அருளால் மட்டுமே சபலமாகு&... புருஷார&... நான்கு

அவர் தம் அடியார்&... அடியாரா&... இருந்து காக்கும&... கின்னரர&... ஐந்து

Ramakrishnan    [India]  27/08/14   22:05:43   8
Message ராதே ராதே
வீடியோ நன்றாக உள்ளது. அதை Download செய்யும&... முறையில&... இருந்தா&... நன்றாக இருக்கு&...

Paul Germana    [United States of America]  27/08/14   20:26:37   9
Message Many initiates, such as myself, see these things. While I consider them important, I do not know what they mean. English explanations of Bramotsav would have been very helpful to initiates such as myself, who reside in America and abroad.

Paul Germana    [United States of America]  27/08/14   19:18:22   10
Message Nice to see Swamiji

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True is the Master, True is His Name-speak it with infinite love.

                                                                                                                                -- Guru Granth Sahib

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