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vijayalakshmi    [Canada]  11/05/16   09:13:46   1
Message Hari om,
On this auspicious day of haha samprokshanam of panduranga temple in triplicane i offer my humble praanams to sri swamiji and to sri pandurangan.My kotankkoti praams panduranga bakthas .MY NAMASKARAMS TO SRI SWAMIJI WHO HAS ELABORATED ABOUT THE DEVOTION OF NAMADEV THUKARAM GNANADEV AND OTHERS through veeduthedi varuvan vittalan.Vittalan veetayum thedi vandu nam mandilum kudi kondu vittan.MAY we all continue to revel in the bakti to HIM.

Sumathi Ramesh    [India]  14/04/16   05:27:27   2
Message My humble pranams to the Lotus feet of Sri Sri Sri Muralithara Guruji on Tamil New year day
On this day I pray to the Supreme Lord Krishna to bestow selfless devotion to Him & bless me with more of Sathgurunathar's Divine Darshan. Radhe Krishna

Yamini    [United States of America]  23/02/16   20:39:38   3
Message Jai Gurunath!
Thanks a lot Ramu ji for sharing the lectures on the 12th chapter of Bhagavat Gita. Listened to the first audio - its way too good...look forward to hearing more...Thanks!
Radhe Radhe & Pranams

vijayalakshmi    [India]  08/02/16   05:22:40   4
Message Hari Om,
On this divine day I offer MY humble pranams to the holy feet of sri swamiji.The grace of guruji is the guding force The premai towards the guruji and the faith in his words is enough for us to make us happy to lead life .Anna says that where Harinama sankeerrthanam and bagavatha parayanam is there there all the holy rivers come and all good will happen.Madhuratipathe will be prasannam.May the grace of ji be with me throughout and bless me and my family.I pray for that so that kitta will be happy,my vandanam to the manjula charanam .My namaskarams to the madhuranayakan and radha.May kitta be with me and offer bakthi as bhiksha to me.namaste guruji.

Hema Kalyan    [United States of America]  03/02/16   21:45:31   5
Message Radhe Radhe

Thank you very much for letting us know about Sri Sri Swamiji's health. Living far away here we felt so disturbed. So glad to read this news at Nama Dwaar. Prayers.
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Radhe Radhe

Lakshmi Rajan    [United States of America]  22/01/16   19:43:35   6
Message Thank you Ramu ji for sharing your experience. It helps us to understand our Guru Maharaj more.
Radhe radhe, Lakshmi.

srinivasan    [India]  09/01/16   10:17:54   7
Message Jai Radhe Krishna,
I had lot of experiences with mahamantra. I am working in MNC.In the year of 2012 end there was a friction created between me & my Boss. This made me unstable & restless. So i decided to look job change & finally resigned. While i was worked in notice period for the 3 months, one of colleague Jayaraman called me to Mahanyam (Malaipattu), where Sri muralidhara swamiji had built a heaven with supreme god Sri kalyana srinivasa perumal along with Hanuman & Mantra mandapam. On that day was Hanuman jayanthi. We went there & saw thousands of people spells Mahamantra. I automatically started to spell mahamantra around 1 hour along with that crowd. We got Swamiji's dharsan.After Hanuman dharsan we went home. From next day, my boss speaked with me softly & asked me to withdraw my resign letter. I was so surprised. This had happen because of Mahamantra. So from that day i & my wife started chanting of this mantra in the early morning & evening in our Pooja room with Krishna statue with divine lights.
From that day, those who stand away from me came closer. That time, my wife was pregnant. I think he had heared the mahamantra while he was in his mother's embryo. While chanting mantra, he started playing inside. On the day of hospitalization, while we left our home, found monkey sleep in front of our home. We are surprised, that hanuman want to gave protection to my newly born. After hospitalization, my wife gave a beautifull son. We name him "Gurukrishna". On his childhoodfrom the month of one to till now, whenever he cry, we started chanting of mahamantra, he stop crying & be happy. I got promotion in last year also. In this kaliyug, chanting of mahamantra is the only solution to get relief from all problems. We cant tell the favours in words, everyone has to experience it. If i bless anybody, they get what they want. If i curse anybody in anger, they are suffered. So i stopped cursing others for their bad activities.
Hare Rama hare rama
Rama rama hare hare
Hare krishna hare krishna
Krishna krishna hare hare


R. Sudharsan    [India]  07/01/16   11:41:51   8
Message Happy New Year to all members of Namadwaar. Fortunate to participated in Madurai Mass Prayer on 1 Jan. 2016. No words to explain my joy. Nama experiences and Guruji's magnetic Speech still in heart. Experienced Unconditional Joy ! Thanks to our Guruji !

Vijayalakshmi    [India]  01/01/16   06:30:21   9
Message Hari om.
In this dawn of new year 2016 I offer my humble pranams to the holy feet of guruji and to Kitta.Guru is the one who shows us the sweetness of nama and all the time indulges in the namasmaran and imparts us the knowledge about the param and keeps us in the satsangh.namaruchiyai thantha en mahanukku en vanakkangal. What a bagyam to all of us our guruji in simple and easy steps had brought the Madhura smriti of Kitta may I ever remain in the satsangh by his grace. I seek his blessings on this day and all the days to come for me and my family. Namaste guruji.

B .Sumathi Ramesh    [India]  31/12/15   21:39:27   10
Message My humble pranams to th e Lotus feet. Of Sri Sri Sri Muralithara Guruji as we are nearing New Year 2016
I have to thank the Supreme Lord Krishna for saving my father's life .The Lord has blessed me with precious parents & the most precious Sathgurunathar & the Supreme. Lord Krishna.I ,the lowliest of the low is into Sathgurunathar's Divine Fold solely because of the Lord Krishna's grace for which I can never thank Him enough

I look forward to Sathgurunathar's Divine Darshan on the New Year day., Pranams to Sri Sri Guruji's lotus feet with prayed a to serve parents &my Guruji's Lotus feet self lessly.
Oh Lord Krishna please bestow your grace to think of u more,chant your Divine Name more & more& Sathgurunathar's divine Darshan.
Radha Krishna

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True is the Master, True is His Name-speak it with infinite love.

                                                                                                                                -- Guru Granth Sahib

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