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Hema Kalyan    [United States of America]  05/02/15   01:58:32   1
Message Ramayana talks about the ideal society; Mahabharata talks about the practical society; Bhagavatam talks about Bhagavataas' society........and 'Kaliyaiyum bali kollum' talks about Nama chanters' society, Nama pracharar's society, Rama-Krishna bakthas' society, Sanathana dharmi's society, prema baktha's society, Maha Prabu's society! summarize, it talks about Govindanukkaatpatta kudumbams' society! Radhe Radhe

annapurani g    [India]  04/02/15   13:17:24   2
Message Kotanukoti namaskarams at your Holy Feet Guruji!Thought For the day is Simply Superb.Thats why I am begging you for your sangam always Guruji. Please
bless me & please forgive me if I have made anything wrong.
Radhe Radhe!!
Annapurani G

annapurani g    [India]  04/02/15   13:06:28   3
Message Kotanukoti namaskarams at your Holy Feet Guruji!!!
Kanden Avar Thiru Paadham
Kandariyadana kanden
Kangalil kanneer perrukkeduthooda
Kanden Avar Thiru Paadam
Kaanum vagai ondrariyaadhu
Kanden Avar Thiru Paadam!!!
Radhe Radhe!!!
Annapurani G

Santhosh    [India]  28/01/15   16:38:13   4
Message Radhe Radhe!!

9days of Sath Gurunathar darshan at Narada Gana Sabha.. Cannot explain the happiness and bliss we felt all through the 9 days of discourse.We see our Sath Gurunathar as Chaitanya Mahaprabhu of this age.
Jai Gurunath Jai Gurunath!!

annapurani g    [India]  17/01/15   21:00:16   5
Message Kotanu koti namaskarams at your Holy Feet Gurumahraj.Need your Dharshan,Need your Dharshan & Need your Dharshan always.
Radhe Radhe,
Annapurani G

Hema Kalyan    [United States of America]  04/01/15   21:12:19   6
Message Radhe Radhe Sri G!

What a wonder! This year started with "What a wonder"! Even though it was said in a lighter vain, the truth is remarkable. Honestly speaking, most of us don't care about nam naadu but only about ezharai naatu ....:)

Our namaskarams at your lotus feet to bless us to remember and show gratitude towards The one and only Bhagavan Lord Sri Krishna, who has shown us our graceful satgurunathar, who is leading all of us in the beautiful path of Bhagavatha dharma!

Radhe Radhe

JAYANTHI MURALI    [India]  04/01/15   10:44:26   7
Message Nama Experience of Zenitha Ram is so touching. Tears off from the eyes, how nama is protecting everyone. Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare, Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

vijayalakshmi    [Canada]  01/01/15   23:33:00   8
Message hari om,
On thiis new year day i offer my kotanukoti namskarams to sri swamiji. The namakirtan is the surest way to get peace and will lead us to the divinity.NAMADWAAR IS DOING A GREAT JOB IN THIS MATTER. I PRAY FOR THE BLESSINGS OF SWAMIJI SO THAT I EVER REMAIN IN THE SATSANG.

B SUMATHI RAMESH    [India]  31/12/14   22:56:47   9
Message My Hmble pranams to the Lotus Feet of Most Reverred Sri Sri Sri Muralithara Guruji on the eve of New Year 2015.
The by gone year has been full of ups and downs which has levelled my sense of pride which pops up, though occasionally .Thanks to the unconditional ,everflowing grace of SatGurunathar who is ever im my thought and has moulded my ways to a great extent.His silence and smile speaks volumes of what one ought not to be.Thanks to Sathgurunathar that the Mahabharath is reletelecast in Star Vijay at a more convenient time in which I feel ,for sure that my Sathgurunathar is Lord Krishna Himself in Human form.
Bounded by My Sathgurunathar's grace I look forward to a promising year ahead with more participation in Guruji's Satsang and more and more of His Divine Darshan.
I pray to the Supreme Lord to serve parents and Guruji's Lotus feet selflessly.
Namaskars again and again to Padaravindangal of Sathgurunathar
Radhe krishna

S.Senthilkumar    [Qatar]  18/12/14   21:56:10   10
Message Hare Rama Hare Rama
Rama Rama Hare Hare
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

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True is the Master, True is His Name-speak it with infinite love.

                                                                                                                                -- Guru Granth Sahib

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