My elders say that keeping a picture of Sri Krishna holding a flute at home is not auspicious. Is it true?

The flute held by Sri Krishna is the very embodiment of bliss and happiness. Many Mahans long to hear the sweet notes of His flute, which they consider as the ‘anAhata dhvani’.
When Maha Mantra is chanted before this wonderful, rare and beautiful form of the Lord with flute in his hands, Sri Krishna shall play it melodiously and bring great happiness and joy, in addition to fulfilling your wishes and granting innumerable boons.
Get rid of all the wrong sentiments and enjoy the boundless grace of the Lord.
If people are afraid to keep the picture of our Lord Sri Krishna with a flute, which is an instrument of celebration and joy, what would they say of the pictures of Mother holding a trident and that of Lord Muruga holding a ‘vel’ (spear)!