How to strike a balance between living in the spiritual world and the “worldly” world till your duties in the “worldly” world are not done?

The life of a householder is the most blessed one.
Even if one is wealthy and leads a comfortable life, if he fails to chant the Mahamantra, he is certain to suffer in the life after death! If a Sanyasi follows the rigorous austerities laid down for him, he suffers in this birth but is happy in the life beyond. By being a householder, leading a righteous life and chanting the Mahamantra, one can enjoy this life as well as in the life beyond!
Is it not a blessing to be a householder?
So chant the Mahamantra. Chant it with faith, love and patience. Then you will see for yourself that the heaven is at your feet, even while doing your worldly duties.